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The Auto-Trail Arapaho Hi-Line – Ultra Luxury Motorhome

Posted by Amanda on April 15, 2018

There are Luxury motorhomes and then there are luxury motorhomes. The Auto-Trail Arapaho Hi-Line sits right at the top of our range and for good reason. Where we refer to most of our fleet as luxury homes on wheels, the Arapaho is more a stately home by comparison. Longer, larger and with more premium features, when you've adventured in the Arapaho Hi-Line, you won't want to go back.

When it comes to a Ferry, don’t just think Dover

Posted by Amanda on April 10, 2018

A transcontinental road trip for most people typically conjures up thoughts of a ferry across the channel, usually from Dover, usually to France. However, the South coast isn't the only place to catch a ferry and take your motorhome adventure to Europe. Perhaps you could consider some of the alternatives?

EuroDisney on a Budget – Magic Without the Massive cost

Posted by Amanda on April 5, 2018

For small (and not so small) children everywhere, a trip to a Disney resort is a holiday of a lifetime. While any of the Disney theme parks can be referred to as 'The Happiest Place on Earth', none of them can be called the cheapest place on earth.

New Forest Water Park – Activity Camping for the whole family

Posted by Amanda on March 30, 2018

If you've ever watched 'Wipeout', 'Takeshi's Castle' or 'The Krypton Factor' and fancied giving it a try for yourself, then you're in luck. On the West edge of the New Forest National Park, you'll find The New Forest Water Park, which is probably the closest you'll get to Wipeout without having to hire Richard Hammond to commentate.

Geronimo Festival – Glastonbury For Kids

Posted by Amanda on March 26, 2018

Geronimo festival is likened to Glastonbury for youngsters. Taking place at Arley Hall in Cheshire from the 25th to the 28th of May, then at Knebworth House near Stevenage from the 30th of June to the 1st of July.

Take your Motorhome Adventure To Cornwall

Posted by Amanda on March 23, 2018

The county of Cornwall is the southwesternmost reach of the UK and is a place of scenery, heritage and extraordinary landscapes. There are a wealth of things to see and do while you're down there, but to get you started, here are some of our favourites.

April In Paris – More than just a song

Posted by Amanda on March 18, 2018

    In 1952, the legendary crooner Frank Sinatra sang about the charm of Spring in the French Capital city. There’s no doubt about it, Paris is a special place, inspiring songs, art and philosophy for centuries. If you’ve yet to experience the delights of the Champs D’Elysee, marvel at the Place de la Concorde or