EuroDisney on a Budget - Magic Without the Massive cost

The Magic Kingdom For Less than a Kings Ransom

For Decades, the name ‘Walt Disney’ has been associated with wholesome family entertainment. Whether that be as pioneers of the feature-length animated movie, as the monolithic studio with pockets deep enough to buy up the rights to legendary comic book or sci-fi franchises or as owners of the most coveted family holiday destinations the world over.

For small (and not so small) children everywhere, a trip to a Disney resort is a holiday of a lifetime. While any of the Disney theme parks can be referred to as ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’, none of them can be called the cheapest place on earth.

At Priory, as hirers of luxury motorhomes, we’re well aware that quality doesn’t always have to cost a lot. You’ll already be well aware that our motorhomes are just as opulent as a high-class hotel room, but with prices that more closely resemble a B&B. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the following ideas to help you take the family to EuroDisney without spending a fortune so doing.


Getting there in a Motorhome

You can tell the family you’re all going to EuroDisney in a special carriage and start building the magic the moment you leave the door. Of course, a ‘Special Carriage’ is a luxury motorhome to you and us, but when you’re on a trip to EuroDisney, why not start building the excitement straight away?

As well as being a lovely drive to Paris, full of things to see and places to stop off at, load up your extensive collection of Disney Albums…. sorry…. your kids extensive collection of Disney albums and have a sing-along while you’re driving. In fact, make everything Disney themed – colouring books, Elsa outfits, DVD’s, if you have it, you can take it, no need to worry about baggage restrictions!


Staying at a Disney Campsite

You’re in a motorhome, so you don’t need a hotel. Which is just as well when you see how much it’ll cost you to stay on the resort! Currently,  Until recently, Disney offered onsite camping at Camp Davy Crockett, however, this no longer appears to be an option. Parking for Motorhomes in the regular car park is €35 per day and it looks to be possible to stay overnight by arrangement, however, don’t expect facilities beyond a place to park.  Disneyland Paris is well served by public transport though and European ‘Aires‘ (motorhome stopovers) aren’t hard to find. Ideally stay at a campsite close to a train or bus route, so you can leave the motorhome where it is and catch a short ride to the magic! Caravaning La Plage, Camping Les Quatre-Vents and Camping Le Chêne Gris are good options.


Book your tickets online

Whatever you do, don’t queue and buy your tickets at the entrance to the park. Plan in advance and buy online for significant savings. Also bear in mind the seasonality of your trip. As you’d expect, it costs more during high season, over the weekend and on public/school holidays, so if possible avoid going during these times for an additional saving.


Food on a budget

All out motorhomes come with a full-featured kitchen, so you won’t have any issues preparing our own food on site, so there’s no need to eat out unless you really want to. If you’ve picked a campsite near (or in) a town or village why not take advantage of the shops there? Of course there’ll be a supermarket within easy reach if you wish, but as you’re in France, you might as well get the full experience!

The food inside the resort is notoriously pricey, however, they’re reportedly not as fussy about guest bringing their own food as their American counterpart resorts, so make sure you prepare some packed lunches to keep more of your spending money free for souvenirs.


Book your EuroDisney Adventure

For a magical adventure which starts from the moment you leave home, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Disneyland Paris in a Luxury Motorhome. Get in touch to make your booking and look forward to watching the faces of your family light up with joy when you tell them “We’re going to Disneyland!”