Motorhome adventure

In  mobile driven world, a motorhome adventure holiday is the best way to experience an adventure holiday in the great outdoors without having to leave ALL mod cons behind.

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the lure of the great outdoors with the possibility of camp fires, sing songs and toasted marshmallows. It provides the perfect antidote to our increasingly fast paced, technologically driven society.


Technology Overload
Today we are constantly plugged in and for an increasing percentage of us, the last thing we do at night before settling down to sleep isn’t brushing our teeth, its checking our e-mails, facebook and twitter feed!

But always being ‘switched on’ really isn’t good for our mind, body or soul. Not only does it rob us of high quality sleep (studies have shown that it is more difficult to reach delta and REM dream sleep when we have had too much exposure to screens late at night), it can leave you with a type of stressy hangover from a lack of high-quality downtime.

Before you know it, the days start to merge into one and you are left in desperate need of a HOLIDAY!!

But will a week sitting sunning yourself by a pool really cut the mustard, when what you are really craving is ADVENTURE and a total escape from the humdrum? They say change is as good as a rest, so while your friends are taking pool side selfies of their hot dog legs, you could be doing something altogether more interesting, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Motorhome Adventure…

From wild camping (if you’re truly brave) through to glamping, getting up close and personal with nature comes with a range of options these days, not all of which involve you nervously wondering if your tent seams are really all that waterproof!

Renting a motorhome for example, gives you all the freedom of the open road but with a nice air- conditioned, weather proof cave you can escape to at night. Plus, if you really can’t bear to leave all your little luxuries behind, relax, you don’t need to! These days most motorhomes come equipped with all the comfort you can handle from deep memory foam mattress squishiness through to hot showers and proper loos. You can even plug in your hair straighteners!

And with cycling rapidly overtaking angling as the Great British pastime, you can pack even more nature into your day by taking your trusty bike along with you, simply attach to the bike rack and you’re good to go!

Best of all you can forget about packing the car with all the essentials you think you will need (did we remember the tin opener?), in a motorhome all that is taken care of. A place for everything and everything in its place.

So all that remains after a day of fresh air and adventures, scaling mountain peaks or indulging in a spot of surfing, is to nestle down amongst the pillows and enjoy the sounds of nature as you slowly drift off for a nice deep sleep.

Now put that mobile phone down (unless you are using it to book a motorhome holiday ).