motorhome castles


There is no need to spend a fortune on an overseas holiday when you can experience an amazing motorhome holiday in Britain.

Deep down many of us have more than a touch of wanderlust and a desire to see far flung lands.

Sadly, however, we don’t all have the means to jet off on an around the world trip.  For many of us, the dizzying heights of our imagination are limited only by the boundaries of our bank balance, which all too often has the annoying knack of bringing us back down to earth with a bump.

So, with the costs of flights plus accommodation soaring particularly high over the summer holidays (a time of unbridled joy for parents and credit card companies alike), many families instead decide on a staycation, and are very glad they did!

Motorhome holiday in Britain

Who knew that Britain had so many quite undiscovered coves of white beaches?  Mountains high enough to give you nose bleeds, and caves deep enough to trouble Joules Verne?

Sometimes we are so focused on getting away from it all that we can altogether miss the adventure that is right on our doorstep.

The beauty of living in the UK is that we are never more than a few hours’ drive away from a beach, or an hours’ drive away from the spectacular countryside, so what’s not to like?

Forget an exotic (for exotic, read expensive!) road trip … what about one that starts right here on your doorstep?

From the Lake District to Cornwall, or the Outer Hebrides to the inner cities – you will struggle to find a more diverse landscape than the UK and what better way to explore it than from the comfort of your own Motorhome?

Motorhomes give you the ultimate freedom to go anywhere you like (roads permitting) so actually, if you’re not all about the planning and just want to get up and go, this is the holiday for you!

Forget the camping trips of yesteryear with leaky tent seams and nothing but damp wood for your fire, instead think luxury, comfy (dry!) beds, hot showers and a nice cup of tea at the roadside whenever you want it.

And if you want to head north of the border, a road trip around Scotland can be truly breath taking.

You can be dolphin spotting in the morning in the Moray Firth, gazing open mouthed at the spectacular Aurora Borealis when the sun goes down in Wick, all before returning for a blissful night’s sleep in your home away from home (that’s if Nessy doesn’t grab you somewhere along the way).

So, this year make your vacation and staycation and get all the holiday you can handle right here at home!