Music Festival are big news right now but a stay in a damp tent is not everyone’s idea of fun. Festival motorhome hire means you get the best of both worlds…  You get to stay on the festival site but you have all your mod cons at your fingertips.

Most large festivals now provide dedicated campervan and motorhome camping alongside their tent facilities, and motorhome hire gives you the opportunity to take advantage of them.

So what should you expect at the festival site?

You will have to buy a separate motorhome ticket in addition to your festival tickets.

Everyone staying in your motorhome will require a festival ticket.  In some instances it is allowable to park a car next to the motorhome.

Once settled in your allocated space you will probably be required to remain there until the end of the festival.

You will not have access to an electric hook up but your motorhome rental will run on the leisure battery and gas for all of its amenities (hot water, shower, fridge, cooker, heating, lighting) with the exception of the 240V plug sockets (remember to pack a car phone charger).  Turning over the engine each morning will keep the leisure battery topped up throughout your stay.  This is important as generators are usually not allowed.

Arrive with a full tank of fresh water and use it sparingly as you will not be able to drive to a tap to fill up…  Have minimal showers and conserve water where you can.  Alternatively, we provide 20m cassette water hoses for you to fill up from the nearest water point (if your close enough) or for a small charge we can provide a roller water tank and funnel so you never have to go without a shower.

It is unlikely you will have the facilities to empty the chemical toilet… it should last several days if again you use it sparingly (use those on site where possible)

Arrive with a full fridge to make sure you can take advantage of your own cold beer and food as and when you want.  Remembering to switch the fridge from leisure to gas and conserve battery energy.

Dates for the Music Festival Diary 2016

Isle Of Wight Festival 9th – 12th June
Download Festival 8th – 13th June
Glastonbury 22nd – 26th June
Wireless Festival To Be Announced
T in the Park 22nd – 16th June
Latitude Festival 14th – 17th July
Kendal Calling 28th – 31st July
V-Festival 20th – 21st August
Leeds 26th – 28th August
Creamfields 26th – 28th August
Bestival 8th – 11th September


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