A Summer North of The Border - Camping in Scotland

Motorhome Camping In Scotland

There are few places which quite match the raw, rugged beauty to be found North of Hadrian’s Wall and few better ways to truly appreciate it than by camping in Scotland. Of course, the best way to go camping is to arrange motorhome hire and do so in style, being able to pitch up as easily as you park up, coming and going as the whim takes you.

Camping in Scotland would be a year round joy if it weren’t for the weather, but at this time of year, when the sun’s out, the Glens are painted purple with heather and you can see the untamed landscape extending before you as far as the eye can see, it’s hard to think of anywhere else you’d rather spend time.

While we challenge you to ever get bored of the jaw-dropping scenery which greets you in every corner of Scotland, there’s more to the country than natural beauty and the seclusion of a mostly untouched true wilderness. If you’re a fan of history, architecture or both, you can’t go far without practically tripping over a castle or encountering small towns and villages which look to have survived almost unchanged for centuries. There’s also the ‘North Coast 500’ which is a route around Scotland widely regarded as one of the best drives in the World.


Camping in Scotland – Where Freedom is more Free Than Most Places

When you’re exploring the world in a Priory Motorhome, you have the option of stopping more or less anywhere you please and parking up anywhere it’s safe and legal to do so. You have the right to use the public highway for travel, but when it comes to staying overnight, you don’t necessarily have the right to camp. In England for instance, parking up in a lay-by, or anywhere else might result in you being woken up by a Police officer asking you to move on. If you park considerately and inconspicuously it’s unlikely it’ll happen, but it’s always a possibility. Camping in Scotland however is a different matter. Thanks to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, the right to roam and to have access to the wilderness is enshrined in Scottish law and allows access to both publicly and privately owned land for the purpose of leisure and recreation. In practice, this means that so long as you behave responsibly, you’re free to spend the night in your motorhome more of less wherever you please and thanks to the self contained nature of a motorhome, spending a little time living ‘off grid’ doesn’t mean sacrificing creature comforts.


Finding Motorhome Campsites In Scotland

While wild camping has its merits, you’ll no doubt want to spend at least some of your time camping in Scotland on ‘formal’ campsites and there are plenty to choose from. As you’re hiring a motorhome from priory Rentals, you automatically have access to campsites associated with The Camping and Caravanning Club via the Privilege Scheme membership which is included with every Priory motorhome. There are roughly 250 such sites in Scotland alone, so you’ll never be far away from one should you decide to stop off to top up your gas and water, use an electric hookup, or make use of on-site facilities overnight, making your Scottish Adventure all the more convenient.


Hire a Motorhome for Camping In Scotland

There’s no better way to see everything that Scotland has to offer than by exploring at your own pace in a fully equipped luxury motorhome and doing so now, while the weather’s warm and the sky’s clear. Contact us to book a motorhome of your own, head north and prepare to experience for yourself, the peace, the beauty and the joy of camping in Scotland.