Adult Only Campsites - Child Free Tranquility


Motorhome Hire Without the Little Ones

Kids are a sheer delight. Small people with boundless energy, vivid imagination and sometimes surprising wisdom. They’re often wonderful to be around and their excitement at being on holiday or when faced with new experiences can be endearingly infectious. At other times though, it’s nice to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of an environment where no youngsters are present and you might be surprised to know that Adults Only Campsites not only exist but are both widespread and popular. Why not visit one for your next motorhome hire?

If you’d like to enjoy a completely child-free motorhome holiday, in the company of other grown-ups, there are numerous adult only campsites to choose from up and down the country set up specifically with adults in mind.

While there are hundreds of such sites which cater specifically to grown-ups, the following are great places to start enjoying a more grown-up orientated motorhome break.


Grange Farm In Norfolk

Norfolk is a lovely tranquil part of the world and Grange Farm campsite especially so due, in part, to it catering to adults only. The River Wissey alongside the campsite has moorings for passing boats, including traditional longboats and a wide variety of other watercraft. There have even been sightings of floating gin palaces – perfect for helping you enjoy your camping without the little ones present!


Lamb Cottage Caravan Park in Cheshire

The multi-award winning Lamb Cottage Caravan Park is located just outside Chester. From this child free campsite, you’re at liberty to enjoy Historic Chester and a number of other local attractions and points of interest. Alternatively, take a peaceful stroll through land owned by the forestry commission just opposite.


Moor View Touring Park in Devon

Whether you’re staying here for a few nights or just passing through on your way to the ferry port, Moor View Touring Park has much to recommend it. Surrounded by countryside, near to the coast and with a host of top-notch facilities on-site, there’s also plenty to see and do locally. Swim in the pool, catch a movie, ride a horse or play a round of golf, or choose to do something else, or even nothing at all other than enjoying the peace and quiet.


Greenway Touring & Glamping Park in Mid-Wales

Deep in the Corvedale Hill of mid-Wales, the Greenway Touring & Glamping Park is located in an area designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty. This is prime walking country, studded with ancient castles, medieval manors and picturesque villages to discover and to explore at your leisure.


Widdicome Farm Touring Park in Torbay

With a harbour, lovely beaches and even palm trees, Torbay’s nickname as the ‘English Riviera’ is well earned. The Widdicome Farm Touring Park nearby is perfect for enjoying a child-free camping trip and experiencing the best of what Torbay has to offer. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy what’s on offer on-site. With facilities described as ‘hotel like’, Widdicome Farm has its own bar, restaurant and even live entertainment.


Child Free Camping – Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

One of the best things about any kind of holiday is the coming home afterwards, similarly, one of the best things about going on holiday without the little ones is seeing them again when you return home. It’s great to take a break, but equally, it’s great to reunite at the end of one.