Priory Rentals has recently teamed up with DL Racing, so we have put together the affordable ways to go Motorsport racing in the UK. This will help satisfy your inner Lewis Hamilton as we pick some of the best low-cost racing series in the UK. This way you can travel across the UK for the thrill you seek whilst you have all the comfort of your accommodation sorted, when you hire a motorhome.

motorsport racing

Motorsport Racing

At some point in the life of every Motorsport racing fan, the urge to test yourself onto a world-famous race track takes over. For most, the urge remains just that. But for some – including around 30,000 MSA licence holders in the UK, it becomes a reality.

While most of us are old enough and consider ourselves wise enough to admit we’re never going to have Lewis Hamilton-levels of talent or the financial backing of a multinational conglomerate, motorsport racing does not have to be out of reach.

While competing on short ovals, in hill climbs and sprints and even auto testing will make the smallest impact on a competition budget, it’s the world-renowned circuits – of which the UK has many – that hold the greatest allure.

So if you’re looking to take your first steps into Motorsport racing, take a look below as we cast a light on some of the UK’s most cost-effective, fun and friendly circuit racing championships.


Demon Tweeks/ Yokohama Locost ChampionshipDo-it-yourself racing has never been as fun as this. Costs have crept up a bit, but this is true back-to-basics stuff with big grids and a real community spirit in the paddock.

This championship is one of many that is run by the 750 Motor Club. A rough cost for full season’s entry is £1500 however your car will need to be worth double that to be good enough for the Demon Tweeks.

Locost racing is exactly that; low-cost racing. The cars are simple enough to build in your garage at home (provided you have some mechanical knowledge) and can be run for next to nothing. When you join the 750 motor club they do have space to keep your motorhome on site. So you would be able to enjoy your Motorsport racing without having to worry about where to camp up at night after.

BMW Racedays Compact Cup

Created in 2011 for the rather unfashionable BMW 3 Series Compact, the Compact Cup has exploded in popularity due to a large stock of cheap and available cars, fantastic on-track action, modest running costs and a level playing field. Being able to say you race in a BMW has never been more affordable.

The club itself is run by British Racing & Sports Car Club. The Rough cost for full season’s entry: £2,100 and the rough car price is £3000.

The Compact Cup has been hugely successful since it started. From starting with eight cars in 2011, then suddenly had 27 by the start of the following season, and with a level playing field, affordable cars – you can buy one for £300 if you can rebuild it yourself.

This could prove a great opportunity to take your family to. If you have family over the age of 18 then you could possibly even turn this into a family hobby, Buying a car from £300 and working on it whilst you race.

Ravenol Formula Vee Championship

If it has to be single-seaters, there’s nothing more cost-efficient than Formula Vee. Celebrating its 50th year in 2017, it’s not the absolute cheapest series, but purpose-built single-seaters are always going to have extra costs attached to them compared to many of the road-legal machines that race in other championships.

The 750 Motor Club runs this championship and its entry price each season is £2000. Here you will find cars that range in prices from £4000 to £15000 so it really can be affordable only if you make it.

Great racing is guaranteed with over 30 cars on average. The cars here are easy to maintain and replacement parts are readily-available. There’s even a company that offers an ‘arrive and drive’ package for £650 per round. So even if you are just thinking of a great day out in your motorhome this could be a great option. If you then decide to travel across the UK for the races for the entire season we would suggest taking a look at some of the motorhomes we have for sale as this could prove to be a good investment.

CSCC Tin Tops Series

An all-action series for saloons and hatchbacks with engines of a maximum size of two litres, expect a heady mix of Fiestas, Saxos, Clios and Civics. With races timed at 40 minutes and two drivers allowed (although not required) per car, there’s even a mini-Le Mans feel to proceedings.

The club itself is run by Classic Sports Car Club. The rough cost for a seasons entry is £3500 and you can get cars to race here from just £500.

Tin Tops is one of the most cost-effective series in the UK. Each round is a single-day event with practice and a 40-minute race, which means you never have to stay overnight, and each race has a mandatory pit stop, meaning you could share the car with a friend and split the costs. Plus it’s a series, rather than a championship, so you don’t lose points by skipping a race – you just do the rounds that suit you best.

Because this would be more of a weekend race this would definetley be a great idea to hire a motorhome so that you you can keep your accommodation as close to the event as possible.

MSV Track Day Trophy

Designed as an affordable step into circuit racing for track day specialists. A capacity grid of rookie racers drive an eclectic range of machinery, with tight restrictions on power-to-weight ratio, meaning that all cars are in with a chance of winning.

The club itself is run by MSV Racing and entry each season is £2,400 which is the same as what they estimate you should buy your car for.

It’s a 45-minute event. While only novice racers are allowed, the name of the series does give away the fact that many long-term track day specialists (i.e. not me) enter, and are inevitably faster initially.

The real positives here are that, as a track day guru, you probably already own an eligible car and that once the year’s over, you can take your experience and your machine and race it in one of the other series in this list. It’s win-win.

5 Club MX5 Cup

One of numerous series in the UK for the world’s best-selling roadster, but with the 750 MC’s emphasis on cost-efficient, no-frills racing – and competition as close as anything else you’re likely to see – this is the one we’ve plumped for.

This is another cup run by the 750 and again its entry price is very similar at £2,750. Here you will find cars that range in prices from £2000 to £4000.

Here you will find Mazda MX5s are everywhere, and because they’re beautifully-balanced and the engines – like most Japanese cars – are pretty much bulletproof, even 20-year-old machinery is still hugely desirable for Motorsport.

So whether your thinking of a new family bonding hobby to get into or just a hobby of your own whilst being retired Motorsport racing is more affordable than you thought to get involved in. By hiring a motorhome for race days you can cut out the worry of accommodation and travel in one simple step.