What can I bring back from Europe?

No matter where you go on holiday, there’s always the temptation to buy a souvenir to bring back with you as a memento of your adventure. In a luxury motorhome, thanks to having far more space than you’d have in a car, plane or train, you have far more freedom to bring back more from wherever it is you might have been.

This begs the question, how much can you bring back with you? Particularly when it comes to alcohol and tobacco.

Largely there are no restrictions on food and drinks bought inside the EU. Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy food etc, you can bring pretty much as you like back home with you duty free. The same goes for alcohol and tobacco, albeit, with some caveats.


Are there really no restrictions on Alcohol and Tobacco?

It’s absolutely true, while we remain part of the European Union, there is no additional duty or tax to pay on any goods, so long as you’ve paid the appropriate tax/duty in the country you bought them, as long as they’re either for personal use or a gift and as long as you transport them yourself.

The clause about personal use or gift is an important one, however. There’s only so much one person can consume and if you’re bringing in too much alcohol or tobacco, you’re likely to be questioned by customs officers who will be trying to assess whether they really are for personal use or whether they believe you intend to sell them.

To avoid such questions, you’re less likely to explain yourself if you don’t have more than the following;

  • 800 Cigarettes
  • 400 Cigarillos
  • 200 Cigars
  • 1 Kilo of loose tobacco
  • 110 Litres of Beer
  • 90 Litres of Wine
  • 20 Litres of Sherry/Port (or other fortified wine)
  • 10 Litres of Spirits

It’s worth bearing in mind that the above ‘limits’ for alcohol and tobacco aren’t cumulative. For example, if you bring back 5 litres of spirits, that’s half the alcohol considered reasonable for personal use, so you’ll only be able to bring back 55 litres of beer or 45 litres of wine. Take home 300 cigarillos (three-quarters of your allowance) and 200 will be the maximum number of cigarettes you can bring along with them.

As mentioned earlier, the limits aren’t limits as such but bring home more than the above and you’ll need to be able to justify why you need so much.


Bring back the flavour of Europe

When you go to Europe on a motorhome adventure, eat your favourite food and enjoy your favourite beverages, it can be disappointing to get home and have to settle for what the supermarkets sell after having experienced the authentic flavours of ‘the real thing’ abroad. A motorhome gives you more freedom to bring back (more or less) what you like, so you can enjoy the tastes of your holiday for longer after returning home.

Book a motorhome adventure for your European trip and bring back more with you on your return.