As its National Photographer week this week (27th July to the 2nd August), here are five places where you can get some amazing pictures to add to your portfolio.

Holkham Beach, Norfolk, England

Holkham Beach National Photographer week

Holkham beach is the primary place for aspiring photographers for its wide array of shots and diverse scenery. Most photographers like this location as its various different attractions allow them to add a lot to their portfolio. Things like the stately home and the sand dunes allow them to be able to focus on more than one location in one day.

There is also the large beach and calm seas in this location due to the cliff shielding the ocean further down the main land. This makes for very calm scenic pictures over the water.

Windermere Lake, Cumbria, England

Windermere National Photographer week

Windermere is well known for being a holiday hot spot and a place to go for more airy photos. The moss covered islands and darker skies set off the mist coming over the lake in the mornings. This is followed up by the rowers that are commonly seen going for their early morning training, from the decrepit looking old boat houses to the north and the trees that seem to crawl over the lake. This all fits a darker more winter like genre and makes a great addition for the portfolio.

Then there is that more summery appeal. In the day time the light brings out all sorts of white old fashioned cottages and and the steam boat ferry. When the bright colours come out the whole place takes up this whole new image of a friendly bright village surrounding a picturesque lake.

Brough of Birsay

Bay of Birsay National Photographer week

The brough is a small island that is off the north coast of Scotland but is accessible by motorhome through a car ferry ran by the provider North Link Ferries. The small island is connected to the Orkney mainland through a concrete path which makes for a great picture in harsh stormy weather.

There is also the barren nature of the island that appeals to some photographers as it is very little known and tucked out of the way in one of the northern most parts of the UK. This means that there is little to interrupt that perfect picture. It also means that you can really take advantage of the old abandoned Norse settlement that once stood here.

All in all this is the place to go if you want to add a few stormy weather pictures to your portfolio and fully take advantage of its northern location.


Tresco National Photographer week

This is a small island that is part of the Scilly Isles. Although the islands shops and pubs are state controlled, there is a wide array of photography locations. All of the villagers on the island seem to know each other and there is a very local life feel to the island which gives off this happy and vibrant nature.

There are many locations that you can use ranging from blue seas, tropical gardens and even an old Abbey that has many tropical plants and bright colours growing from its walls. Then if this isn’t what does it for you there is a large shell beach to the south coast that you can take advantage of for a few pictures.

Peak District

The Peak District - Priory Rentals National Photographer week

The peak districts highest points look out over the four surrounding counties (Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire and Yorkshire.) This makes this location perfect for landscape pictures and being able to get that ideal backdrop. The landscape in the background of your pictures will really come into play if you were to get some action shots of the many extreme sports events that take place in the boundaries of the peak district. These vary from mountain biking to paragliding and water sports. There are also a wide array of small statues and monuments that you come across while walking the mountains that make for good photos when capturing that large background.

If the mountains aren’t for you then there are the forests and lakes in the lowland. An example would be Ladybower reservoir which has a pine tree forest surrounding it on every shore and is situated in a small valley making it perfect for Arial shots and water sports shots if you want to portray a feeling of isolation.

All of these locations are accessible by motorhome and will be able to boost your portfolio strength. Take a look at our motorhomes.