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Why Holidays Make Your Children Happier & Smarter

Posted by Amanda on March 23, 2017

As adults, we countdown to our motorhome holidays, to recharge our batteries. but they can also be a profoundly beneficial time for children too. When we go away with our children we become less focused on work and in doing so they get more attention that they crave.

Hiring a motorhome for the first time?

Posted by Amanda on January 18, 2017

Here at Priory Rentals we believe in keeping things as simple as possible for you and your motorhome experience to be able to allow you to focus on having an amazing time. For this reason, we have come up with some basic information you may need to know before and after hiring a motorhome with us for the first time.

Most commonly asked questions when hiring a motorhome

Posted by Amanda on January 2, 2017

At Priory Rentals we get asked plenty of questions from people all the time so we thought it was about time we went through some of the most commonly asked questions so you know everything you need to before you book your motorhome.

Stunning locations in Wales to visit in Winter

Posted by Amanda on December 6, 2016

 Wales has always been famous for being the land of the dragons and magic dating back to it’s Celtic tribes such as the Ordovices or the Silures. Even the flag its self comes from a legend of the red dragon saving the land from the grips of a white ice breathing brother so it stands

Which motorhome do you need?

Posted by Amanda on December 1, 2016

Everyone has a different idea of their perfect motorhome holiday, so to accommodate everyone we have an extensive range of motorhomes available to hire.

The best theme parks to visit in Europe

Posted by Amanda on November 25, 2016

 Whenever you take your family on holiday it’s quite well known for kids to ask where you will be going during the holiday? So with that in mind we know it can be sometimes difficult to come up with daily activities or places to visit for the days you plan on going out. So with that