It is true that most castles have been knocked down through war or turmoil or even to have the resources used elsewhere. But the ones that still dominate our countryside today are something to marvel at. Here are five of Cheshire and Lancashire’s best castles for your own heritage holiday.


peckforton castle

This is castle that truly represents the rich high-class stereotype of Cheshire. This means that it has the ability to marvel anybody in its vicinity with its steep walls and dominating appearance yet it is used to hold functions. The romantic appeal of the castle makes it perfect for weddings or romantic weekend getaways. Situation in west Cheshire by Beeston castle and a short drive from Chester it is well worth a visit by the historically interested holidaymaker.


beeston castle

The Beeston castle is no longer inhabited but instead sits in partial ruin on top of the Beeston hill. The castle its self is visible through most of Cheshire and can give amazing views of Cheshire and parts of North Wales and Merseyside. The castle also contains lots of different information boards and displays that will get across the sheer size of its historical importance to the Cheshire landscape. You can clearly see the different layers of baileys that surround the castle to add to the defence on top of the hill.


chester castle

The Chester Castle is at the heart of the bustling city. The city its self still has most of its old buildings and its walls intact for the more aesthetic feeling when walking the walls. The walls span the length of the city centre and the walks go on over the long Iron Age hand bridges and the endless towers and churches that dominate this old city landscape. Well worth a visit of any intrepid explorer.


lancaster castle

This castle is a medieval castle with a modern twist. The castle has all its old features including the old gates and the flags but it also has a twentieth century prison built in to the back end of the castle for the classic hybrid match of old and new in the dungeon. The castle is open to the public and has opportunities for filming; this is for the biggest of films to the smallest of college projects. The castle welcomes everyone from all walks of life to take advantage of every facility they have on hand.


clitheroe castle

This is a castle for the whole family; the castle holds attractions like skate parks and children’s playgrounds as well as the Bowling Green, ancient walls and the ancient castle keep. The Clitheroe castle is located in the Lancashire area in the forest of Boland making it great for long walks before or after visiting the castle. The views from the forest of Lancashire are amazing and the castle along with it.