Choosing the Perfect Campsite Pitch For Your Motorhome

What do you need on your Campsite Pitch?

One of the best things about camping in a motorhome is that you have fewer requirements when it comes to overnight camping. A campsite pitch is a ‘nice to have’ rather than a necessity. Hire a motorhome from Priory Rentals and you’ll have an up to the minute and fully self contained mobile house, so you can spend a night pretty much anywhere you can park.

Having said that, there are a number of advantages to parking in a designated campsite and if you choose to spend a night (or several) on one, there’re a variety of facilities and services that may be on offer or within easy reach, leading to a lot of choice and a number of things to consider before choosing your campsite pitch.


A spot near the trees – If you’re able to find a campsite pitch next to forest or woodland, you might enjoy the shade from the sun and the shelter from the elements. However, there are likely to be more flying insects near to trees, as well as birds and other wildlife, not to mention the perils of being near trees in a thunderstorm.

Children’s play areas – If you’re taking the whole family on your motorhome, then a site with a children’s play area will likely be a welcome bonus and you might want to choose a campsite pitch as close to it as possible to you can keep an eye on them. Alternatively, if you’d rather have some peace and quiet choose a pitch as far as you can away from it!

Site Facilities – Some campsites have a full set of facilities, like a shop, launderette, entertainment venue etc and where this is the case, they tend to be located in a central spot. You might want to choose a campsite pitch near to these to reduce your walk, or as far away as possible to avoid the noise and crowds of passers by.

Cost vs. Convenience – While a motorhome allows you camp pretty much anywhere, finding a campsite pitch with access to fresh water, wastewater drainage and electric hookups is undoubtedly far more convenient than using your onboard reserves. Naturally, you’ll pay more for this than a simple patch of land.

Grass, Gravel, or Hard Standing – Similarly a concrete or paved campsite pitch is likely to be a little more than a pitch in a field, but if it’s been raining and the ground’s soft or sodden, parking on solid ground is a far better option than trying to escape a muddy campsite the next day.

Pitch Density – For some, staying on a campsite is a fabulous opportunity to mix with like-minded lovers of the outdoor life, for others, a little privacy and solitude is preferable. Some campsites, especially at peak times may pack in campers as close together as possible, others might offer move widely spaced pitches and even bushes or other dividers to provide a little extra privacy.


You Don’t Always Need a Campsite Pitch in a Motorhome

While the self contained nature of a motorhome means that you have the freedom to pitch up pretty much anywhere you like, for extended motorhome holidays, you will need to resupply your reserves and a designated campsite is often the best choice for that. Whether you choose a full featured spot or a the most basic campsite, the freedom of motorhome hire is that you can stay just as easily on or off a campsite.

At Priory Rentals, as well as offering the very best motorhomes, we also provide  Privilege Scheme access to Camping and Caravanning Club sites, giving you a huge selection of sites to choose from with a broad range of facilities.  Contact us to find out more about motorhome hire and the range of campsites across the country you have access to as part of every hire we arrange.