Cut the Cost of camping with Dog Friendly Motorhomes

Book Dog Friendly Motorhome Hire and Save on Kennel Fees

Dog owners everywhere know how heartwrenching a family holiday can be. On one hand, a summer break with your family is likely to be something you’ve been looking forward to for months, but on the other, your four legged family member, who takes daily joy in simply being around his or her adopted ‘pack’, will have to be sent away to a kennel or a stranger’s house. How do you make him understand that it’s only for a while, that he’s not been abandoned by the family he loves? It’s a holiday for you, but to him, it’s banishment.

At Priory, we like to do things differently. As far as we’re concerned, a family holiday is for all the family, which includes those family members blessed with boundless energy and a waggy tail.


Don’t just wish your dog was with you, take him along!

You know how much your dog loves his daily walks. You can see how much joy he takes to run and jump and play. Even though you’ve walked the same route, the same way, hundreds of times, he’s so excited each and every time, it’s as if he’s discovering the world anew every day. Imagine the sheer unabated joy he’ll feel when out exploring a totally new place with his favourite humans. If you’re imagining that for yourself right now and smiling, you simply HAVE to take him along on your next adventure.


Dog Friendly Motorhomes – All The Luxury, just with added Dog!

At Priory Rentals, we’re dog owners too and Poppy, our four legged staff member, is responsible for selecting the best Luxury Motorhomes to receive her paw print of approval. Our Dog Friendly motorhomes are perfect for taking your canine companion on a luxury motorhome adventure with you. We have a selection of pet friendly motorhomes, from two, through to six (human) berths, so familes of all sizes and species will be able to find the perfect motorhome to enjoy an adventure together. Which is exactly how things should be. With all the money you’ll save on kennel fees, you’ll no doubt be able to afford a few extra treats too – everyone wins!


Why not check out our range of dog friendly motorhomes, get in touch to make your booking and get ready to share the joy as you take your four legged friend on an epic voyage of discovery!