Motorhomes and Muddy Campsites

Unlike camping in a tent, which is usually only enjoyable when it’s warm, you can arrange motorhome hire all year round and have a fabulous experience travelling and camping more or less where you please, no matter what the weather throws at you.

While staying in a motorhome is always enjoyable, wet weather, wintry conditions, or parking on muddy campsites can sometimes make it difficult to get going again the following day, so check out our tips for dealing with motorhomes and muddy campsites.


Motorhomes and Muddy Campsites

Avoid Mixing Motorhomes and Muddy Campsites If You Can

When it comes to motorhome hire and getting stuck on muddy campsites, prevention is better than cure. We do ask that the our motorhomes aren’t driven off road, or on roads which are unsuitable for a motorhome, so please check ahead. When conditions are wet and the ground is likely to be soft and easy to sink into, so it’s best to avoid parking up on anything that isn’t hard-standing.

Fields which would be idyllic camping spots in the summer can become slick and slippy in the winter or boggy quagmires during Spring, so choose your overnight campsite carefully and you may well avoid running into problems.

If you’re unable to park on a hard surface, it’s worthwhile either bringing along, or making use of ‘grip mats’ beneath your wheels or even planks of wood to spread the weight of the motorhome which can prevent it from sinking and digging in when you come to set off the following day.

Most motorhomes are front wheel drive and it’s sometimes easier to get them going backwards rather than forwards on muddy campsites, so bear this in mind when parking up for the night and make sure you have someone to guide you if you have to reverse your motorhome off a soggy pitch.


Getting Your Motorhome Out Of The Mud or Snow

If you find that your motorhome has got stuck on a muddy campsite or is slipping in the snow, resist the temptation to accelerate more. All this will do is dig the driving wheels deeper and spray mud or snow up the side of your motorhome!

If you have and mats, ramps, tracks or even repurposed doormats you can use to give your motorhome some traction to get out of the mud or snow, then make use of them carefully, taking care not to spin the wheels.

Alternatively, just as you would in your car, you can gently rock your motorhome out of a rut by driving forwards and backwards in quick succession until you’ve built up enough momentum to get out of the hole. Once you’ve broken free of the rut, try to maintain a steady forward momentum until you’re back on solid ground. Stopping could result in you getting stuck again, so try not to. If you’ve used grip mats or similar to get moving, you can always walk back to retrieve them once your motorhome is back on solid ground.

Sometimes letting a little air out of the tyres will give you a little extra traction on softer ground, but be careful not to let too much out and make sure you re inflate them again once you’re back on sold ground. Never drive a motorhome on flat tyres.

If you’re on a dedicated campsite without hard-standing, it’s worth checking if the site owner has a tractor or four wheel drive vehicle to help get stranded campers off the site when they’re due to leave. If no hard ground is available, many will have just such a vehicle on hand.



Arranging motorhome hire is something you can do all year round, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the open road and along wtth all the comfort of home in a Priory Luxury Motorhome. With a little foresight and planning, you can usually avoid mixing motorhomes and muddy campsites, but if you do find yourself stuck, we hope these tips will help get you moving again and you can always contact us for advice should you need it.