DVLA Law Changes

The drivers licence changed on the 8th of July in nature, due to the EU and British laws that are being put in place to be able to simplify road transport across the EU. This means that you will no longer need your paper counterpart and will only need your actual photo card identification.

What you have to do now

You would have usually have had to bring your paper counterpart in when it comes to renting a car from priory rentals and that sometimes caused troubles if the paper counterpart was no longer available. This could be as it’s been lost, damaged or stolen. Luckily, now you can simply just bring your photo card which most people keep in there wallet.

This means you will need to ring the DVLA and get permission for us to be able to check your licence before you arrive here. This permission lasts 72 hours, so try to do it the day before you come to make sure the request has gone through in full on the DVLA side, yet at the same time still hasn’t timed out. When you have given the request for your licence to be checked the DVLA will give you a specific code. You then give this code to us along with the last 8 characters on your driver’s licence to enable us to be able to go away and check your details.

What we do

When you do this and give us the DVLA licence and permission details, we can go away and check your licence to get all of the information that the paper counterpart would have gave us in the past. Things like what vehicles you can legally drive and any DVLA Traffic Penalty Points. The information we get will as always help us decide if you are eligible for a vehicle on our rental scheme.

When we get this information we have the option to be able to save it or print it out for you and for our records. We will never access your information without your consent and will never keep the information for longer than 6 months.

How to contact DVLA

If you want to contact the DVLA to be able to get a permission code for us to use then please call on 0300 790 6801

Charges will vary depending on the number you call from, to see the most up to date prices then click below –