A South European Motorhome Tour

Where will your Priory Motorhome take you?

When you hire a Priory Motorhome, you’re not just hiring a luxurious mini-apartment on wheels. That’s what a motorhome is, but what it represents is so much more. Motorhomes represent total freedom to explore. The open road is your route to wherever you please and with Priory, where you please isn’t restricted to these shores.

We love the motorhome experience and in Europe, it’s even more adored than it is over here, so with many ways to cross the channel and explore Europe, why pass up the opportunity to take your adventure to The Continent?

The South of Europe is blessed with a balmy climate, sunshine and beaches, but also a wealth of history and culture in which to lose yourself.


The South of France – Our choice – Marseille

Crossing the channel is the first step, but to truly experience our closest continental neighbour, you really need to spend some time there. If anything will give you a taste of the Gallic life, then a road trip to the South Of France might be just that! Why not roll off the Ferry and don’t stop rolling until you reach Marseille

The oldest city in France and located on the South Coast in between the  Spanish and Italian borders, the city is a Mediterranean melting pot of cultures. Indeed, it’s a former ‘European Captial of Culture’ and with good reason. Whether you enjoy culture, nightlife, history, sunshine and sand or the buzz of the city (without the Manchester Rain), then Marseille makes for an attractive destination.


The South of Spain – Our Choice – Andalucia

The most southern Region of mainland Spain, Andalucia is a typical European holiday destination. With over 500 miles of coast and a Mediterranean climate, you’d be forgiven for parking up your motorhome near a secluded sandy beach, breaking out the deckchairs and refusing to move until it’s time to go home. You could do that, but you’d be missing out.

With the most varied landscape in Spain, the Andalucian region has all kinds of terrain to explore. From barren desert, to lush sub-tropical plain, green pine forest to snowy mountain, you’ll find it all.

Accounting for much of Spain’s agriculture and with a rich cultural heritage harkening back to a period when the peninsula fell under Moorish rule, Andalusia has much to discover for those with an interest in history.


Western Italy – Our Choice – Naples

If you’ve driving from Marseille, follow the Coastal road through Monaco and enter Italy. From there, just follow the coastline, soaking in the sunshine and the sea views all the way to Naples. Feel free to stop off in Rome along the way if you’d like, or anywhere else for that matter  (that’s the beauty of motorhome touring).

In the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, Europe’s only active volcano, Naples is colourful, exuberant and quintessentially Italian. With a claim to have invented the pizza, you can’t visit the city without tasting a true Neopolitan. Be warned though, you may never look at a UK pizza the same way again.

From a historical perspective, Naples is swimming in culture. With spectacular architecture, there’s plenty to see, from museum to monastery, palace to piazza.

Be sure to take a tour of the volcano itself, for unrivalled views and photo opportunities. While you’re there, you might also like to take a tour of Pompeii, the victim of Mt Vesuvius’ last eruption.



Europe – A continent ripe for exploration

While these are only three ideas to get you started, your selection of destinations is limited only by your imagination and the discoveries you’ll make along the way, just as innumerable.

Why not set yourself a goal to explore more of Europe and get in touch to book yourself a suitable chariot? We’d love to hear your stories when you get back!