Swift Kontiki 649 High Line

There are Luxury Motorhomes and there is the Swift Kontiki

When you hire a luxury motorhome from Priory Rentals, you can be sure you’re hiring a motorhome that’s either new or nearly new, a motorhome that’s been meticulously cleaned and well maintained for as long as we’ve had it and has likely not even covered enough miles to be considered ‘run in’. These motorhomes have been bought brand new by us and represent the most attractive models available at the time we ordered them. You know that we don’t have motorhomes in our fleet which are merely ‘average’, so when we say that the Swift Kontiki 649 High Line is a motorhome at the top of our range and the pride of our fleet, you’ll get an idea of just how special this motorhome among motorhomes truly is.


The Swift Kontiki 649 Hi Line – The Ultimate Luxury Motorhome

While luxury motorhomes are just like your house, but more compact, the Kontiki 649 blurs those boundries with a Tardis like interior, it seems far larger inside than the outside would have you believe. With 6 berths a light airy living area and a bathroom and kitchen which are both generously proportioned and not just by motorhome standards, you may well know someone whose flat is smaller than the Kontiki and probably less luxurious too! The fixtures, fittings, upholstery and premium design touches all scream quality.

On the outside, there’s no question that the Swift Kontiki 649 is a cut above the rest. It’s a little longer and a little taller than many other motorhomes and has an extra pair of wheels to spread the load. Thanks to the incredible engineering of the Fiat Commercial engine, the power steering and the gearing system, you’ll barely notice this extra size when you’re driving, however, because it is larger and heavier, the driver of this ultimate motorhome will need to have ‘C1‘ entitlement on their license.


When Nothing But The Best Will Do, Book The Swift Kontiki 649 Hi Line

It’s that time of year when giving yourself or your family a treat is practically mandatory, so if you’d like to book a very special trip for your very special family, nothing comes close to this very special motorhome. Isn’t that what you all deserve? Book now!


Swift Kontiki 649 High Line kitchen