Fishing Locations in a Motorhome

Many of our motorhome customers enjoy a spot of fishing when they go camping, here are some motorhome friendly locations for serious fishing.

A lot of people love to be able to head to the lake and relax on the shore with a fishing rod, enjoying the summers weather and being able to reach that place of tranquillity whilst fishing. Whilst others simply love the sport for the competitive nature and the simple, skill and technique needed to be able to catch some of the larger or rarer fish. Either way Priory knows that fishing is something you love and in turn, we have brought you some of the best fishing locations to head in a motorhome this year.

Warm Weather Fishing

Warm Weather is hard to come by in the UK and with fishing usually being at its best in the evenings and mornings it very difficult to be able to enjoy the warmth of summer whilst you fish into the nighttime. However, the south of England and the London area in general is one of the warmest regions in the UK and in turn, fishing in this area is usually your best bet of staying warm and comfortable onto the night through the humidity.

Lower Maddaford is a lake, which is in the southeast of England. It lies close enough to London to be able to retain heat and find its self as a very easily accessed location, whilst at the same time being far enough away to not be home to tourists stopping in the city and high levels of traffic. This in turn puts it in a perfect position for you to be able to head over and try out the lake for yourself.

The lake has two separate areas and each has its own breed, the first is for beginners and has fish such as carps, Tench, Rudd and perch where as the second lake is home to the more difficultly sized carps weighing over 20lbs such as ghosts and the common. The small size of this carp fishing lake means that both lakes offer a slight challenge depending on skill level but can be used to relax and enjoy your surroundings at the same time.

Rustic Fishing

Fishing at Loch of Harray means that getting up in the brisk mornings and relaxing into the brisk evenings for a more rustic twist on camping and allowing you to be able to appreciate your sleep more. A lot of people opt for the colder fishing for the higher level of skill and focus it requires and in turn, there are few places better than northern Scotland. This is a very remote location and in turn brings you to an all-new level of rustic fishing in the heart of a remote environment.

The reason we have chosen Loch of Hurray is simply as its one of the most remote and hard to reach lochs in the UK and in turn it’s rare to come across other fishing groups here, giving you a wider selection of the best spots to set up for the night. Better still, Scotland allows wild camping so you are completely able to set up right on the shore of the lake and enjoy the experience. Loch Harray is in some areas 50ft deep and in turn can offer some of the best brown trout fishing in the country making it well worth the journey to the Orkney Islands.

River Fishing

River fishing allows you to be able to catch fish that would otherwise be unavailable to you such as salmon and trout whilst allowing to you be able to lean into the waves of the river in your waders and get comfortable with the running water around you. Many people prefer this due to its more hands on and relaxing nature, whilst beginners tend to avoid it. River fishing should also ideally be inland to be able to wade into the river and avoid any strong currents that the river may have. Fishing up stream also means there is less chance of any debris moving at high speeds on the water’s surface and causing damage to you, as there has been less land for debris to fall in and there is also an extremely slower current upstream in comparison to an estuary.

River Lyon was out choice for this as it allowed us to be able to give you a river that was inland, rural and yet still had a large amount of fish. This river is a perfect combination as its remote access means there is less foot traffic of other people fishing and in turn, you do not have herons hogging the pools on the water. It also has a significantly closer mouth and very low decline angle down the mountain, which gives it a slow tide and in turn makes it perfect for fishing in waders. The river boasts a huge level of salmon and brown trout meaning that it is easy to make a catch here if you try hard enough.

Sea Fishing

Sea Fishing

The Solent is a very forgiving area of sea off the coast of England and the isle of white, this coved location in the channel means that the weather and the waves have usually been broken before reaching the fishing areas and in turn, you can easily set up and fish in the calmer waters. This location has a huge amount of Black Sea Bream, Bass and cod in the harbour and blue shark in the channel.

The Solent is best fished by boat, as getting away from the mainland offers the best fish and the best chance of a catch whilst also offering smoother waters and less competition from other angler. Blue shark is also a lot more common when you head out of the harbour and if you are a beginner, you may need some one more experienced with you to be able to manage this.  Ryde pier head is on the Solent and offers fantastic views of the whole body of water along with great fishing waters as the cross point between the Portsmouth estuary, Southampton estuary and the open sea meaning as the tide changes a wide variety of fish pass the pier to head into the estuary. This is a very easy location to secure a catch if you are new to fishing.

Competitive Fishing

Hanningfield Fishery is a huge reservoir that offers fishing to a huge amount of people every year and in turn has a vast size and a wide array of fishing boasts that you can hire and take out onto the water. The reservoir boasts a load of spinning days and competitions throughout the day and that enable people to be able to come with their family to compete against each other and teach their children the basics and in other circumstances the competitions are for the adults only and in turn have prizes and a huge array of competition. If you are a competitive angler then this could be the perfect location for you.

The fishery has a wide array of trout available as it specialises in this and places around 40,000 trout into the fishery each season. This in turn makes it well worth a visit with only 450 on average a week being caught. (Going up extremely during summer holidays.)

If any of these locations, sound good to you then feel free to have a look through our motorhome hire page to be able to be Able to see which motorhome works best for you on your next motorhome getaway.