Festival Motorhome hire - festivals

When it comes to festivals in the UK, it always seems to be the biggest names and brands that get all of the credit, however dependent on your musical taste there is 100’s of festivals in the summer. Therefore, we have gathered some festivals that you can travel to in a motorhome this year that do not get as much credit as they deserve. Take a look through what we found.

The Future Bestival – Electronic

The Bestival is a festival that is held in the Isle of white and showcases music from the charts, the festival is reasonably unheard of so it gives you all your favourite artists without all the crowds you usually get. Although, it does still get fairly busy. The festival itself offers onsite motorhome camping and in turn makes it perfect for a motorhome festival trip this summer.

You can get to the festival via ferry from Liverpool and this seems to deter many people meaning that the usual rough types you might bump into at a festival seem to keep their distance. The festival its self is also in September, which makes motorhome camping even more of a better option as the nights get cooler.

Board Masters – Electronic

Board Masters is another festival held in the south of the country. The festival its self is based in Cornwall and draws people in from all over the country. It is a very summer themed festival that is held on a beach and is very friendly to surfers.

The festival is pretty easy to access via the main roads and only charges an extra £55 for a campervan to stay the whole weekend. In turn, this means that you will be able to relax in an air-conditioned environment after being out all day in the sun-loving the atmosphere and the sun. Definitely worth a visit this year if you are considering taking a motorhome to a festival in the UK.

Middlewich Folk & Boat- Folk

Middlewich Folk & Boat is a folk festival held in the small Cheshire village of Middlewich. The festival celebrates rural life and everything Cheshire stands for. Although it is a Folk festival, it has a little something for everyone.

The festival its self has various campsites around the festival and takes place in various locations within the village. It is friendly to motorhomes but unfortunately does not have things such as concrete stands and electric hook ups. Luckily, it is only a 5-minute drive from our Cheshire site making it perfect for a Priory Rentals Motorhome.

Kenderfield – Modern

Kenderfield is a festival held in the Lake District that has been running for a number of years and has slowly been getting bigger and bigger each year. It features some huge names such as Rudimental and Catfish and the Bottlemen making it perfect for a visit this summer if you are looking to head out to a festival.

The festival itself has an amazing location on a lake and is motorhome friendly. In addition, as it is located in the Lake District making it easily access able on the M6 from both our Cheshire and Lancashire branches.

Y Not Festival – Mainstream Pop

Y not festival is held in Derbyshire from 29th – 31st of July and holds a range of bands and artists from across all genres making it an amazing environment to visit. It is well known by the locals in the area so can get very busy, like any international festival. However, when it comes to leaving the county it becomes very little known.

The festival has motorhome friendly policies meaning you can camp on a nearby field in a motorhome. However, it does not offer electric hookups. Nevertheless, it is still well worth a visit if you are looking for a festival to visit this year and have a very varied musical taste.

If you’re considering taking a motorhome to a festival this year then Contact Priory Rentals and see what we can do for you, be that advice on which motorhome you should be looking towards or even the best festivals to visit.