When it comes to heading to the UEFA‘s there are hundreds of options available, these will vary dependent on preference and location. You should be thinking about your options and be looking into motorhome get aways as a perfect option if you really love the sport. Here are four things you should consider when you come to making your decision.

EUFA Journey In A Motorhome

The Journey

The journey to the UEFA’s is not only simply, but it is beautiful. There is rolling fields and hills as the journey takes you through Cheshire, Staffordshire and Kent before you reach France and get to see the astounding beauty that the country holds.

Upon reaching France your journey will vary depending on which match you are spectating, you can wonder the vineyards of Champagne or take a stroll around the city of Paris and embrace the football spirit in full. This in turn means that the football it’s self is no longer the holiday, the journey it’s self becomes the holiday due to the endless opportunities to be able to stop and harness the live culture.

Football atmosphere EUFA

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the football season is always amazing; but with France holding football is such high regard, there are few countries on earth that can rival the passion for their national sport. This is further pushed on the motorhome camping grounds, the diehard football fans from all over the world come together and there is an explosion of flags, football shirts and other memorabilia from around the world on the sites. Languages, races and gender mean nothing as everybody comes together with a passion for the sport resulting in an embracing atmosphere.

There is of course the opposite option of finding a lesser-known, tucked away campsite if you are a quieter fan and want to be able to watch the football before retiring to a quiet night. A Motorhome holiday can get you to an out of town location and allow you the benefits that the inner city hotels and B&B’s simply cannot offer on a match night.

The Atmospheric options available to your tastes in a motorhome home vary from the most vibrant nights to the quietest and this makes people love taking motorhomes to the match even more.

Motorhome Flexibility

The Flexibility

The flexibility of taking a motorhome to the EUFA games is usually the deciding factor when it comes to travelling and staying at the games. This means that the average consumer and football fan can take a motorhome and go where ever they desire and travel at a pace that suits them, before watching the match and returning home or going roaming for a week or two. This freedom allows people to be able to do much more than simply watch the football and even gives them the ability to tour France, following their team and watching their team at every match they play.

Save Money With Priory Rentals

The Cost

The cost of hiring a motorhome for the period of the matches is usually a lot more economically efficient than travelling by plane or train. The simple factor that motorhome accommodation is both your travel and stay accounted for means that you save a lot of money in the bigger picture and you have all of the above factors thrown in. This brings people to hire a motorhome for their journey as it makes more sense to be able to fit all their needs in one easy go.

If hiring a motorhome for the UEFA league 2016 interests you then look at our range of motorhomes. The tickets are on sale on the UEFA League website until January 16th so get yours today!