Regardless of what you’re driving, be it a Ford KA or a Luton Box Van, there’s always a chance of getting a bit more distance out of each litre of fuel.

With today’s fuel prices this is an added benefit and can really add up to save you some money!

Use these handy tips below to help you save fuel when you use our car and van hire.

  1. Take it easy! – That’s right, take your foot off the accelerator and slow down your speed.  This might seem like a fairly obvious point, but slowing down even just 5mph will give you better fuel consumption, especially when on our busy motorways.
  2. Check those tyres! – Even if your tyres are under-inflated by 1psi, this will cause more rolling resistance causing your fuel consumption to drop.  Check your tyres regularly ensuring they are at the correct psi for your vehicle make and model.  Always check them whilst they are cold, as hot tyres can give off an incorrect higher psi.
  3. Easy on the take off! – Accelerate slowly and concisely rather than trying to beat that boy racer off the line and you will save yourself a lot of wasted fuel.  Always give yourself a big enough gap in traffic to ensure you don’t have to rush and keep an eye out for any potential slowdowns.  If you get up to speed then need to brake straight away, that wastes fuel.
  4. Clean up your act! – It might seem like a simple thing to do, but cleaning your vehicle and getting rid of all the rubbish and dirt will remove any unnecessary weight from your vehicle, which if not done decreases your fuel consumption.
  5. Hang with the big boys! – Ever notice how lorries always seem to go at a constant speed and very rarely have to brake or slow down, especially in traffic jams?  A constant speed keeps those gear changes to a minimum, and since it takes more fuel to get a vehicle moving than it does to keep it moving you can cash in on the savings you can make by trailing lorries on the motorway.  Although slip streaming isn’t recommended, travelling at a safe distance behind a lorry will keep your speed in check and with less wind resistance you’ll be saving even more fuel.
  6. Get back to nature! – Instead of having your air conditioner going why not try putting your window down a couple of inches.  At low speeds this can save you a lot on fuel consumption, and it will also save you the added expense of having your Air Conditioning system topped up when it runs out!

Image credit – Empty by Kristel Rae Barton