Glastonbury Festival 2016

Tickets for Glastonbury 2016 go on sale Sunday, these tickets sell out fast so makes sure you get yours if you are planning on going to Glastonbury next year.

Get Glastonbury 2016 tickets

You should have already registered on the Glastonbury site, the registration deadline was the 29th September and unfortunately if you missed it, you’ll miss out this year. Not sure, check your registration online here.

For those of you who did register in time the first wave of Glastonbury tickets is for the coach and tickets which goes on sale today (1st October) at 7pm. These are lesser known tickets as most people go for the standard tickets. There are only 15,000 tickets available at this time and you need to pay £50 plus the full cost of the coach.

The next wave is often seen as the first official opening. This is 120,000 standard festival tickets and are released at 9am on Sunday 4th October. These tickets sell out very fast so no late nights Saturday that may cause you to sleep in on Sunday morning. You will still need to pay £50 deposit per person you are booking for.

Increase your chance of getting Glastonbury tickets

The tickets on offer may seem a lot, but they sell out fast, here are some tips on making sure you get your hands on the most sought after festival tickets!

Last year the tickets sold out in 25 minutes so be prepared!

  • Make the website your home page so you can log on quickly-
  • Set your alarm to make sure you don’t sleep in
  • Make sure you have your registration number and post code of everyone you are buying tickets for and your credit/debit card handy to pay deposits.
  • Be prepared for a £5 booking fee as well as the £50 deposit per person
  • If a few of you are going, increase your chances by all trying at the same time and staying in contact via phone in case two get through
  • If you don’t get through first time keep pressing refresh on the page, if it is set to home then if you accidentally go onto another page you can easily log back on quickly

Once you have paid your deposit you won’t need to pay the rest of the £228 (£178 after deposit) till the first week in April ( up until Thursday 7th April 2016).

More tickets are available in April if you don’t get them this time but hopefully using these tips you will know in advance and be able to organise transport and motorhomes for the best Glastonbury experience.

Families Going to Glastonbury

Families are welcome at Glastonbury, and children under 13 are free and don’t need to be registered to go.

Families usually stay in a dedicated Family area, it is a good idea to get there early to grab a good spot and a motorhome means you can enjoy Glastonbury festival in luxury with your family.