Glastonbury Essentials - The Ultimate Festival Packing List

Must Have Essentials For Your Glastonbury Festival Packing List

Festival season is nearly upon and already the anticipation is building, particularly for the biggest event on any festival calendar – Glastonbury 2019! Whether you’re attending your first festivals this year, or have several notches on your festival wellies already, a festival packing list is always handy to make sure you take everything you’re likely to need. If you’ve had the foresight to arrange festival motorhome hire with Priory Rentals, this will, naturally, include the kitchen sink – they’re part of the package after all!  Here’s our most comprehensive Glastonbury Festival Packing List, to make sure you bring everything else you need!


Our Glastonbury Festival Packing List

Absolute Essentials

Triple check you have these before setting off.

Festival Ticket – it’s a long way to travel to realise you’ve left this at home, don’t set off without being sure everyone has their ticket.

Driving License, or other ID – Alcohol is served at festivals believe it or not, so if you think you might like to buy some, be prepared to prove you’re old enough!

Extra Cash – More and more places take card, but everywhere takes cash. There’ll be cash machines on site, but do you really want to waste time waiting in the queues?

Wellies – Tens of thousands of pairs of feet mean that a spot of rain will turn a meadow into mud in a heartbeat – be prepared, or be up to your ankles in it!

Drinking Water – There’s a ban on single use plastic bottles at Glasto this year, so bring extra water and a refillable bottle.

Non-Perishable Food – Your motorhome has a kitchen, it’d be a shame not to use it and it saves queuing at the food stands for your breakfast.

Phone charger – Will your battery last five days? Exactly!


Glasto’ Garb’ – Festival Fashion

Wear whatever you like – anything goes, but here are some essential items for your festival packing list;

Waterproof top – Whether it’s a coat or a plastic poncho, don’t get caught out by the British ‘summer’.

Something warm – Similarly, the summer isn’t always sunny, neither is it always warm, bring a hoody, a fleece or a hand knitted, ethically sourced shawl to stay toasty.

Sturdy/Comfortable Footwear – If you don’t need to resort to wellies, sensible footwear is a must – you’ll be walking lots.

Hats – If it’s sunny, a hat will keep your head from burning, keep your hair dry in the rain and a woolly hat is a boon if it gets nippy at night.

Extra Socks & Underwear – There are are few things as miserable or uncomfortable as wearing soggy clothes, so bring a few spares in case you get a soaking.

Shorts or lightweight legwear – How long do wet jeans take to dry? Exactly! Pack some alternatives!

Sunglasses – For keeping the sunshine off your eyeballs, incognito people watching and facing the world the morning after.


Festival Hygiene Must Have’s

You’re not going to stay squeaky clean at a festival, but even so…..

Your Regular Toiletries – For when hygiene is more than just a greeting.

First aid kit – It’s sometimes dark, always crowded and after a few drinks, people fall over from time to time. This’ll patch you right up!

Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes – If you have a motorhome you have your own shower, if not, you’ll have to queue for one. These handy little wipes help out in between.

Spare Toilet Roll – Don’t get caught short

Anti-bacterial hand cleanser – For after you were forced to use the ‘long drop’.

Sun Cream/After Sun – If a bit of sunshine turns you lobster red, come prepared. (Aftersun kept in the fridge is a lifesaver)

Your prescriptions – If you’re taking any medication, don’t leave it behind.

Paracetamol – No less essential, no explanation needed.

Microfibre towel – Dries you like a regular towel, dries itself far faster

Dry shampoo – For refreshing your mane in between showers

Contact Lenses – Wash the hand sanitiser off your fingers with contact lense solution first – you’ll only forget to do this once!

Make Up & Make Up Remover – What goes on, must come off again.

Glitter – Sparkle like the pretty butterfly you are!


Extra Gear for a seasoned festival goer

Mark yourself out as a festival veteran by bringing these festival essentials.

Ear Plugs & Eye mask – You’re going to want to sleep at some point, so make it quiet and dark, even when it’s not quiet and dark.

Camping Chair – For when you’re winding down, a comfy seat beneath the stars is a blessing.

Power bank – If your phone battery isn’t likely to last a full day, then maybe take it easy on the selfies, or bring a portable charger.

Picnic Blanket – Perfect for al-fresco dining, also doubles as a shawl.

Zip-Lock Bags – Made to keep food fresh, will also protect your mobile phone from the elements.

Disposable Barbecue – You have a motorhome kitchen, but cooking outside tastes far better!

Bin bags – Impromptu waterproofs, picnic blanket ground sheets and you can even put rubbish in them – Please do take your rubbish with you. (wait until the BBQ’s cool though eh?)

Duct tape – A million applications – Stick it down, stick it up, or stick it together – you’ll be glad of this if your wellies split!

Torch – Navigating a dark field, where every tent has tripwires attached is made far easier if you can see!


What’s on your essential Glastonbury Festival packing List?

We hope you’ve been inspired by our Glastonbury Festival packing list and hopefully, we’ve saved you from leaving a camping essential or two at home. Did we miss anything? Is there anything else you think should be added? Contact us and let us know!