With Glastonbury tickets due to go on sale next weekend we thought it’s about time we offered some advice on what to bring and what not bring to your festival weekend.

First of all it all depends on whether you are camping or are arriving in a motorhome for the weekend. If you are camping the smart choice would be to bring only what you really need as you’ll inevitably have to carry all your belongings a fair distance to where you set up camp however if you are arriving in a motorhome you have the luxury of driving to your area and avoiding the stress of carrying all your belongings to your camp site. If you have not yet decided on how you are staying at Glastonbury it might be useful to check out our previous blog on why we suggest staying in a motorhome is a much smarter option.

Glastonbury always encourages you to only bring the things that you can take back home – which includes everything, even your tent. They do this so there is less of a mess when everyone leaves after the weekend.



What to bring

These are the main essentials you will need to bring with you regardless of whether you’re camping or arriving in a motorhome.

  • Festival ticket
  • Wellies
  • Waterproof poncho
  • Enough change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Toilet roll
  • Suntan lotion inc
  • A form of identification
  • Money/ bank cards
  • Medication and medical info just in case you have any allergies or conditions
  • Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish
  • Contraceptives

A smart idea is to mark all your valuables with house name and postcode in case you do lose any of them then they can be posted back to you if found.

What not to bring

  • Too much stuff that you simply can’t take it all home again
  • If you are thinking of bringing food and alcohol these can only be brought onsite for personal consumption
  • You are not allowed to bring anything in a glass bottle if you do it will just be confiscated if found
  • No fireworks are allowed
  • Sound systems
  • Flying or filming with drones is not allowed at any point during the festival
  • No banned drugs or substances

Now, most of the above should be common sense depending on the weather situations but you would be surprised at how many people each year try and enter the festival with things that are strictly prohibited. It’s about taking the essentials but taking enough of them so you can enjoy your weekend.

glastonbury camping

Now if you are deciding to take certain valuables to Glastonbury just be careful of where you leave them. A lot of people will continue to moan as they walk around for the weekend about bringing valuables and having to carry it round all weekend because they are scared to leave it in their tent. But just remember there is always the option of a hiring a motorhome which would provide you with a much more safe aspect of keeping your valuables in whilst you go and enjoy the weekend. This will avoid you having to leave anything in an unguarded tent.

glastonbury motorhomes

Hopefully this blog will give you a guide on what essentials you do need to pack if you are going Glastonbury next year.