Go to the 2016 UEFA Europa in style this year with our luxury T-Line 590 or Auto Trail Arapaho, both of these luxury motor homes are available for June and July 2016, perfect timing for a trip to France and the 2016 Euros.

When travelling to France for the Europa games, our customers prefer to go in style, hiring the larger and more luxurious motorhomes that allow more people to sleep, making it better value for money for a Euro 2016 trip.

These luxury motorhomes may seem out of your price range on first glance. However, simply considering the price of flights, hotels and travel expenses then comparing this to a motorhome. Even with the most luxurious options in our range you will still be making a saving in the hundreds. Then the option of taking extra family members and friends makes this price even more economical per person and the whole journey that bit more enjoyable.

You can also keep peace of mind when travelling in a priory rentals motorhome to the euro’s as you can travel in your own time, due to the channel tunnel and ferry crossings having a day early or late option to be able to make the crossing whenever you want. Eliminating the stress of having to rush to the airport and be at certain places at certain times. Also, giving you the freedom to explore France before or after the game and make the most of your holiday break.

The final and most luxurious benefit of having a motorhome is that you can take quite literally take anything with you. With the amount of room given in a luxury motorhome, there is enough room for anything you could want to take with you on your Euro Tour. Things like footballs, food and drink, clothing, laptops and gadgets, cameras and so much more can all be stored in a motorhome on your travels. So there is never a dull moment when you are on your holiday in France.

Take a look at our range today or give us a call to see what we can do for you.