As adults, we countdown to our motorhome holidays, to recharge our batteries. But they can also be a profoundly beneficial time for children too. When we go away with our children we become less focused on work and in doing so they get more attention that they crave.

It doesn’t matter how we spend our time once we are on holiday. Whether its building sandcastles, playing badminton on the beach, jumping over waves. It seems like fun, but it’s also attachment play, and it’s vital for bonding. Attachment play also enhances self-esteem, the psychological messages to the child being: “You have my full attention”.

Motorhome holidays take on an even greater importance if you compare them with what goes on at home. So many families have stress-filled lives and taking a drive away from it does everyone some good. Here are some facts about why it is important to take your children on holidays.

motorhome holidays

Brain Development

What is less widely known is that holidays can also advance brain development in children. This is because on a family holiday, you are exercising two genetically ingrained systems deep in the brain’s limbic area. Whereas at home these are unlikely to be triggered as much. These are the Play system and the Seeking system.

The brain’s play system is exercised every time you bury your child’s feet in the sand, do a tickling game on the pool lounger, or, take them for a ride on your back. The brain’s seeking system is exercised each time you go exploring together: the forest, the beach, the hidden toy in the motorhome.

Once your family holiday experiences activate these systems in your brain and your children’s brains, they trigger well-being neurochemicals including opioids, oxytocin and dopamine. They reduce stress and activate warm, generous feelings towards each other. So with all the anti-stress aspects of these systems firing, family members get to emotionally refuel.

When taking your child on a family holiday, you are supporting their exploration urge which is a vital resource for living life well, and their capacity to play. There’s no doubt your kids will get the chance to bond with other children and this again brings vital learning steps that become essential as they grow up.

Using the brain’s play and seeking’s systems in the correct way, as is often the case on a family holiday, brings about brain growth and maturation in the brain. You can have your pets and children playing together in a relaxing location thanks to our pet friendly motorhomes. This will create social intelligence, and well-focused, goal-directed behaviours that may last a lifetime.

Building Concentration Skills

A key part of many motorhome holidays is the outdoors. Research has revealed improvements in a child’s attention and concentration levels after being in nature for only 20 minutes. Green-play settings were found to be as good as medication for children with ADHD.

There is also evidence that a walk together calms the body, lowering blood pressure and stress hormone levels and even cholesterol.

An investment in your child’s future

So if you are thinking of buying your child a tablet thinking it will help with their development, instead considering hiring a motorhome. When it comes to the profound effects on bonding and brain development; there is no competition.