Gnats will get in the way of your fun on a family holiday no matter where you go in the UK, they’re always there in the evenings when you’re trying to relax outdoors and one always seems to get inside your room, cabin or even tent in the night. Here are some methods to keep gnats out of your home, motorhome and tent


sage gnat bites midge bites

If you have a BBQ outside or a camp fire in the wilderness then it’s probably a good idea to put a bundle of sage on the fire. No gnat will come within 5 metres of sage fire until it’s been burnt out for at least 2 hours. This makes sage the perfect commodity to put on or in your fire when you’re outside the camper van if you want some peace from the pesky insects. The smoky smell the sage gives off is pretty pleasant to the human nose, yet its depth and strength makes the gnats go away as they can’t handle it.


garlic gnat bites midge bites

Foods high in garlic repel the blood sucking insects just like in the films. Eat lots of garlic or simply put it on the fire or your food to make them stop biting you and lingering in your personal space. If you have eaten garlic you may still come across them but they will think twice about biting you.


lemon gnat bites midge bites

Putting sliced lemon or lemon juice in a drafty opening it always a good idea as the smell of lemon will fill the room you’re in. The smell is usually not strong at all and after a few minutes you may not be able to smell it at all but the citrus goes a long way in preventing gnats from coming into your personal space anytime soon. Plus as an added bonus anybody who comes to visit you will be able to smell the fresh lemon and it will give your living space a cleaner smell.


baileys gnat bites midge bites

If you leave an open glass or bottle of baileys near a window or near your bed when you go to sleep, the gnats will not be able to resist the sweet texture that the baileys will offer and will fly into the thick mixture before getting stuck. This is a method that can be a little more costly than the others but in the morning you will see the sheer amount of gnats you have caught in the mixture.

Eliminate damp places

plug hole gnat bites midge bites

Gnats will lay their eggs in damp places so if you want to get rid of they then simply try your hardest to make their life difficult. Things like putting the plug in the sink when you’re finished, clearing the drains of water in the winter, leaving your windows closed if there are puddles outside. All of these things can contribute to having fewer gnats in your home or motorhome.

If you have any other things we missed out, why not comment them below!