We understand that when you rent a motorhome you will be appreciating the feel of the open road, the freedom this gives and the amazing experiences and views that are on offer along the way. However, the younger ones do not understand this; they are not as interested in the aesthetics of a breath taking view or a sunset over the Scottish highlands so will not appreciate the journey and will only love the destination.

So how do we keep them happy until we reach the destination or the truly amazing places they simply cannot ignore?

Let Them Choose the Music

music in a car

Children and teenagers alike are usually big fans of their own music and hate diversity when it comes to their songs. Therefore, instead of playing your music that will just make them more bored or make them become annoying through moaning, try finding a middle ground and sharing playlists or songs you both like. Failing that, simply hand the Bluetooth or AUX cable over to them and bare it. You never know, you may start to like it after a while or they could play something you love but you never realised they also liked.

Bring Their Favourite Gadgets

How to Pass Time on Long Journeys - Priory Rentals

When they are in the car for long periods, looking out of the window at the views and other cars simply does not do it for them anymore. They need to be able to feed their crave for gadgets and technology and this is what is going to pull them through.

Pack things like their laptop, phone or games console as this should keep them quiet for a few hours while you enjoy the journey. However, remember top pack headphones and a charger or you are going to be moaned at and disturbed even more when you reach your destination.

Plan Stop off Points

How to Pass Time on Long Journeys - Priory Rentals

If you are stopping at service stations or other locations on the way for the teenagers to go and have a look at what they use or buy on and for the children to run around and stretch their legs. Then they are going to be more relaxed in the car for the rest of the journey.

If you cannot find a service station or there simply is not one on your route then try stopping at various tourist locations or places of interest along the way to be able to take the family too. It becomes worthwhile for site seeing and keeps them happy as they are allowed to stretch their legs a little on the journey.

Pack Supplies

How to Pass Time on Long Journeys - Priory Rentals

Pack things like food and drink to be able to bring along for the journey, if the passengers get hungry then they are going to complain until they get food and in turn, it is going to bring down the spirits of everyone on board. Bringing food and drink to be able to eat when the group gets hungry eliminates this problem, allowing you to be able to make the most of the journey without complaints, and pestering from the family unit.


How to Pass Time on Long Journeys - Priory Rentals

Open conversation with everybody, nothing makes time go faster than meaningful and in-depth conversation. Try talking about things that have happened recently and get opinions on it such as world events or local news. You could even see how they are doing at school or work and talk about various underlining topics in these areas to be able to get a better grip on whether they really like it there.

This quality time alone with your family or friends allows you to be able to converse and get with them on a completely new level, getting past their exterior and learning what is underneath it all. So do not waste it.

As you can see, there are more than enough ways to be able to keep everyone happy on long journeys if you think ahead and consider your options. If you’re planning a long motorhome holiday then why not consider taking a look through our range of motorhomes to see what we have available.