When it comes to selecting a motorhome with Priory Rentals there is a few things you need to consider before going out on the open road and making the most of your getaway. Making sure you get the small things right will ensure you enjoy your holiday as best you can so take a look at this little guide on how to make the most from whichever of our luxury motorhomes you’ve chosen.


You need to consider many factors when bringing your pet along for the journey; firstly, you need to consider whether your chosen campsite or campsites are going to be able to accommodate your fury friend. Many campsites do not have the insurance too so they have to turn away pets, always ask in advance to avoid disappointment.

Secondly, if your chosen campsite does accept pets then you are going to need a motorhome to be able to get there. Try clicking on our “Pet Friendly” option in the filters to be able to strip away any motorhomes that are unavailable to pets. This in turn leaves you will all of the motorhomes that you can use for your retreat.


Your berth is the exact amount of people the motorhome can sleep, for example, four berth sleeps up to four people. Always make sure you get the same berth of higher than the amount of people going on the trip. The higher the berth is then the bigger the motorhome usually will be with a few exceptions.

You can use the filter down the left hand side of the motorhome selection page to be able to change this and in turn only see the motorhomes that are best suited for your specific needs.


Some of the larger motorhomes require a C1 licence to be able to operate. This in turn means that if you do not have this licence then you will not be able to hire these motorhomes for your next motorhome get away.

For more information on the C1 licence and how the licence system works Click Here.


Many of the holidays you may go on will require you to bring some things along such as equipment for sports or even just a few cases of luggage for your motorhome holiday. Making sure, you have enough space to stow away these items will make your whole holiday a little more enjoyable, simply because you’ll have more space and there’ll be less clutter.


When evaluating your budget you need to make sure that you are sensible with what you can afford on your motorhome. Factor in things like petrol and food costs to be able to ensure you can make the most of your motorhome get away. The last thing you want to do is spend your entire budget on your motorhome and not have enough left over for activities or extras.

Why not put what you have read to the test, take a look through our motorhome hire page, and view what we can offer you.