Internet Access in your Motorhome - Get Online On The Move

Be a Digital Nomad – Get Internet Access In Your Motorhome

Life in the 21st century can be complicated. The concept of getting away from it all gets a bit blurry when we’re all able to stay connected to our digital selves no matter where we are in the world. In fact staying connected, no matter where we happen to be, is now a matter of great importance for many, making sure we can continue our digital lives, unaffected by our physical location. When you arrange motorhome hire for the ultimate luxury camping experience, ‘all the conveniences of home’ naturally includes making sure you can get internet access in your motorhome. So what’s the best way to make sure you can get online on the move?


Internet Access in Your Motorhome – How much data do you need?

Followers of the #VanLife trend, will know that there are people living full time as ‘Digital Nomads‘ – spending their time travelling to wherever they please and still being able to earn a living thanks to a laptop and an internet connection. Deciding how much data you’re likely to use and what speed connection you’ll need is important. If you’re just going to engage browse your social media feeds and maybe use your phone as a SatNav, your phone and your mobile network are probably sufficient for your needs. It’s worthwhile to consider roaming charges and whether your mobile data package is enough to cover your use if you’re going to be spending significant time away from wi-fi access.

If you’re likely to be using the internet more heavily, then you’ll you’ll need a little more planning to make sure that you can always get internet access in your motorhome when you need it. While 4G internet access is fairly common and coverage is mostly good in the UK and in Europe, there are still places where mobile networks are either absent, or so patchy that they might as well be. These being exactly the kind of places you might want to seek out in a motorhome. Added to this, if you’re using a laptop via a 4G network, it’s pretty easy to burn through you data allowance, making relying on mobile phone signals alone a fairly pricey option by itself.


Using Wi-Fi To Get Internet Access In Your Motorhome

For the most part, being a true digital nomad and getting internet access in your motorhome involves finding wi-fi you can use. Many campsites offer wi-fi for campers, either for free or for a small extra charge. If you’re going to need decent internet access, then planning your journey so that you can stop off overnight at such sites is a must.

For shorter stop offs en-route, there are a number of options you can consider.

If you have access to a wi-fi connection, either on a campsite or elsewhere, there are a number of wi-fi signal boosters on the market, which will allow you to get th emost out of a weak signal which might otherwsie be frustrating to use. There are some on offer which have external aerials attached by suction cups and are designed with motorhomes, boats and caravans in mind. So if a good signal is important to you, you might consider investing in one before you set off.

If your passengers need internet access on the move, you could consider shadowing any buses and coaches you spot along the way. Many modern buses and coaches have their own wi-fi available for passengers, which is accessible for anyone nearby, either without a password, or with a simple account set up. Perfect for on the motorway where you’ll likely be heading in the same direction and at the same speed for many miles.

Many Motorway Service Stations and the places to eat within them offer access to wi-fi. Although usually a purchase is involved. If possible, park as close to the building as you can and do a scan to see which networks you can see from your parking spot before you choose which outlet to buy your coffee from!


Getting Internet Access In Your Motorhome – Easy When You Know How!

While there are some who’re happy to find somewhere remote and completely ‘off grid’ to spend some time away from home, most of us prefer to have at least some access to the internet whether we’re at home or abroad, so being able to access the internet in your motorhome, whether for pleasure or for work is essential for enjoying your adventure and, of course, letting all your friends know where you are, what you’re up to and how much fun you’re having.

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