Is Yorkshire the Perfect Motorhome Holiday Location?

Yorkshire is a county of myth, legend, heritage and beauty with its sheer size and diverse regions it is easy to see why Yorkshire rivals many other motorhome locations in the UK. However, could it really be the best Priory Rentals motorhome holiday location in the UK?


The sense of strong and proud heritage in Yorkshire is evident by simply walking down the streets of the bustling villages. Everything from the mighty castles that find themselves dotted around the counties landscape to the sandstone houses and picturesque hamlets seem to add to the overall historical beauty of the county and in turn, make it a valued location by history lovers and heritage hunters.

Yorkshire has impressive military history with previous wars seeing the region under military suppression from Romans, Germanic tribes, Scots, and even the Vikings.  These huge battles and invasions saw the construction of mighty castles, modern day museums and significantly important fortifications. If you love the military history of England, Yorkshire has a range of enactments that are widely available throughout the county, give a wide range of information and insight into the various important wars during the Roman and medieval periods in the UK.

There is also a strong sense of industrial heritage within the county its self as it saw rapid growth during the industrial revolution. With huge mining operations through the 17th and 18th century seeing coal mines, iron mines and sandstone coming from the county it was an economical hub and one of the largest exporters of raw materials in the UK. There is even the Elsecar Heritage village, which boasts the original iron works and offers huge amounts of information for any industrial age enthusiast to feed on. The county had such a huge mining and smelting background that the city of Sheffield within the county was the birthplace of stainless steel and has shaped the face of industrialism forever and placed the county on the global map of capitalism.


Folklore in Yorkshire seems to have controlled the land in the past with so many myths and legends being passed down the generations. A wide range of the folklore seems to have entered the county with the German invaders during the 5th century and stay prevalent throughout the ages. The most famous of these myths and legends is that of Robin Hood, the world famous story of the cunning thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor whilst hiding out in the forest of Sherwood. The story of Robin Hood seemed to be told to children across the world for hundreds of years after it was created in the 14th century and for that reason Sherwood Forest is a huge attraction for families who want to entertain their children.

Another very prominent piece of folklore in Yorkshire is the Jingling Geordies Hold, which features a pirate who would guard a cave off the coast of Tyneside in Yorkshire. Historians believe the story was created to sway children from delving into the unsafe cliffside cave. However, it seems to have delved its way into popular Yorkshire folk law and has since been passed down the generations into modern day children’s stories.

Finally, there is the folk story of the Red Cap, which is one of the most popular pieces of folk law in the world and originates from Yorkshire during the invasion of the Scots. The modern day “goblin” or “orc” derived from the tale of the red cap and features in millions of stories, books and films around the world. This Yorkshire based tale saw the invention of the goblins said to roam the abandoned British and Scottish fortifications along the border of Scotland. The story describes the creatures as small humans with red caps, tatty clothing and tusks for teeth. Although it could have been based on a grotesque gothic cultured tribe of nomads, the story still took shape of a mythical creature and inspired media across the world even to this day.

This high level of intrigue makes Yorkshire even more interesting and in turn adds to the fact that it may just be the most perfect motorhome holiday location in the UK.

Yorkshire Diverse Heritage

Diversity of Yorkshire Attractions

The huge amount of options for you to choose from within the county of Yorkshire is what makes the county itself so amazing. With the county stretching from Cheshire to the Tyneside coast, there is a lot to do and a lot to see.

The countryside in Yorkshire has won awards for its beauty and ranging environments, the county itself has everything from a near endless moorland, to cliff faces and caves all the way to a huge forestland to explore. In turn meaning that no matter what aspects of the countryside you love Yorkshire could be the perfect motorhome holiday for you.  This wide range of countryside variations also means that you have a wide range of activities to choose from. Everything from mountain biking, potholing and forest ropes courses are common play and allow you to be able to have huge choices in activities that can suit the whole family and keep everyone happy.

It is not all countryside however with the huge cities of Leeds, York and Sheffield finding their way into the picturesque setting of York and attracting thousands of people each year. Boasting huge amounts of shopping areas, museums and metropolitan attractions, if you love the city or are travelling with someone who does then these cities are well worth exploring as each has its own unique twist.

The city of Yorkshire is primarily a history focused with the majority of its attractions playing on the historical significance of the city. Then Sheffield is more nightlife focused with lively student life taking hold of the city. Finally, there the city of Leeds which is the more metropolitan of the three and offers amazing shopping experiences and a wide range of museums, art galleries and other venues of the fine arts.

The variations between the amazing cities and the various types of countryside followed by the strong historical and heritage roots of the county make it very intriguing and amazing to visit. So, could this be the best motorhome holiday location in the UK?