With travel networks becoming even better and the days starting to get slowly longer, we thought it was only fair to be able to give you a few ideas of where you should go exploring in a motorhome this spring.


Priory Rentals - Shetland

The Shetland Islands are famous throughout the world for their heritage and culture yet desolate location. Still part of Scotland they actually fall closer to Bergen a Norwegian city than they do to any Scottish cities. It is one of the most isolated inhabited island chains in the world and for this reason, a lot of people flood to the islands to explore them. The only motorhome campsite for around 200km is called Braewick Caravan Park, the caravan park its self looks out over an estuary on the islands and gives amazing views of the North Atlantic Ocean. This is accessible by ferry from Aberdeen and Thurso.


Priory Rentals - Orkney

The Orkney Islands are only a short ferry ride of the northern most tips of the Scottish highlands. They are amazing in the spring due to their mix between cultural and historical attractions; there is a large amount of Iron Age ruins, Norwegian remains and Scottish museums. All of which is perched on a remote island chain that allows you to be able to explore with all the amenities you could ever need only a short drive away at all times. There is a motorhome campsite on the mainland called Thurso Bay Caravan & Camping Park. However, if you wanted to stay on the island it is legal to simply park up anywhere you want and stay the night in your motorhome. So why not head to the Birsay coast of the Orkney mainland and camp looking out over the amazing views the island has to offer.

Outer Hebrides

Priory Rentals - Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides is a little more exposed to the elements than the Inner Hebrides due to its more western position. It is truly an amazing place if you want to be able to explore somewhere more tranquil than the other island formations simply due to the sheer amount of non-inhabited islands and the overall minute population. The islands are home to a small harbour town called Stornoway, which offers a little insight into the life of people on the islands and offers ferry links to many of the smaller islands within the system. There is a campsite on the northern plains of the island system called Eilean Fraoich, which is situated on a rocky plain giving amazing views of all of your surroundings.

Inner Hebrides

Priory Rentals - Inner Hebrides

Famous for fishing and whiskey distilling, the Inner Hebrides are truly amazing islands to visit during the spring months. The islands themselves boast an amazing array of history with Norse invaders, Scottish tribes, roman rule and British invasion all taking part on the Inner Hebrides, perfect for anybody who loves historical attractions. It also holds an array of natural attractions with a number of lagoons and the famous Fingal’s Cave. There is an amazing campsite called Resipole Holiday Park the park its self is perched over Loch Sunart on the mainland, just a short drive from the ferry crossing to the islands.

Isles of Bute

Priory Rentals - Isles of Bute

This is the most south of the island systems and offers less temperate conditions but is still an amazing place to be, especially in the months of spring when the islands seem to come alive. The island is most well known for its religious importance, boasting churches and chapels throughout all of the islands. There is also an array of wildlife scattered throughout the island system with hundreds of species of birds and over 200 seals rumoured to call Scalpsie Bay home. There is a beautiful campsite called Sandylands, which is amazing and offers views of the entire island and the full estuary. It is well worth a visit if you are considering heading out to the Isles of Bute this year.

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