Keep Cool in Your Motorhome This Summer

Hot weather tips to help you keep cool

It’s already one of the hottest summers on record and shows few signs of cooling down. This is great for working on your tan and venturing out in your shorts, but you also need to get out of the heat and cool off in the shade every so often.

When you’re out and about, in the fresh air or in your luxury motorhome, there are some simple ways you can stop yourself from overheating in order to get the most out of the glorious weather we’re having.


  • Park in the shade

Like all vehicles, a motorhome left all day in the sunshine can get a little warm inside. You can help avoid an oven-like interior by finding some shade to park in rather than a spot which is exposed to the midday sun. It goes without saying, but don’t leave pets unattended in any vehicle when the weather’s warm. Also, be aware which side of the motorhome your fridge is on – park with this side away from the sun if you can to help it work more efficiently.


  • Cover the windows

Your motorhome will come equipped with blinds for most, if not all of its windows, so make sure these are in position to keep the sun’s rays at bay. Use an awning if equipped. You might even consider using tin foil (shiny side out) on your sun facing windows to reflect the rays and the heat back outside.


  • Camp near the water

Whether it be a lake, a swimming pool a river or the sea, a hot day is a fabulous time for swimming ‘al fresco’. Do bear in mind that the sunshine can penetrate water and burn you even when submerged, so be sure to pack plenty of waterproof sunscreen. Make sure the water you’ll be splashing around in is safe to swim in and never leave kids unsupervised near water. if there are no bodies of water in easy reach, a paddling pool can provide welcome respite, provided that you have the means to fill it.


  • Bring along a fan or two

When the engine’s running, you can take advantage of the air conditioning in your motorhome, but when stationery is might be better to use either a battery fan or a regular domestic one.   If you’re likely to be camping for a few days without an electric hookup, be aware that the leisure battery used to power the electric outlets, while having lots of capacity, will eventually run out. This is separate to the battery used to start the motorhome, so there’ll be no issues starting the motorhome and the engine will recharge all batteries if the leisure battery goes flat.


  • Do your cooking outside

When the weather’s even slightly warm, the air is always thick with the smell of barbecue. Cooking outdoors is not only tasty and enjoyable, it also keeps you motorhome cool by heating your food outdoors.


  • Take your showers cold

The summer is a great time to really enjoy a cold shower. It saves the energy you’d otherwise use to heat the water and is really effective at helping you keep cool. As with the leisure battery though, bear in mind that, unless you’re at a site with fresh water facilities, you may have to ration your water use or risk running out.


  • Make use of evaporation

In hot weather, we sweat to keep cool, the sweat evaporates on our skin causing heat to be transferred from us to the atmosphere. This principle works just as well for fresh water, so keeping a plant mister full of water and giving yourself a spritz when you’re warm can do wonders to help cool you or your pets down. This is especially effective when combined with a fan or a breeze. Similarly a damp towel works well too.


  • Stay hydrated

It’s amazing how fast you can lose water through your skin in the warm weather, this water needs to be replaced, so make sure you’re never without drinking water. Try to avoid overly caffeinated, overly sugary or alcoholic drinks as these may dehydrate you further.


  • Bring the right bedding

In order to sleep soundly, deeply and comfortably, our body temperature needs to drop slightly, which explains why it can often be so hard to get to sleep when it’s warm at night. A crisp cotton sheet on the mattress, a pillow and the lightest, loosest of nightwear will allow you to sleep keep cool, with a few extra sheets on standby if the temperature drops too much during the night. Sleeping with the windows open has its advantages, but it also lets in bugs, so be wary if there are biting insects around.


Keep Cool with a little Common Sense this Summer

This summer has been glorious so far and while weather like this is so infrequent, it can be tempting to spend as much time out in it as possible, however, while a little sunshine is good for us, too much isn’t, so make sure you stay safe, keep cool and seek some shade while you’re out enjoying your motorhome adventure this summer.


Book a luxury motorhome, take to the road and make the most of the heatwave.