We have received notification from a regular customer that although they have been proactive and paid ahead of time for a congestion charge when due to visit our nation’s capital, they have done so via a possible fraudulent site called paycongestionlondon.com

Please note this is not the official website for paying the congestion charge.

If you are travelling to London and wish to pay the congestion charge in advance, please visit www.tfl.gov.uk/cc as this is the official site.

We have been advised that the Pay Congestion London site, take approximately £5 on top of the usual charge as a service charge.  They then inform unsuspecting customers that they will deal with the congestion charge on your behalf.

Most people won’t be aware of anything being wrong until around a month later when they receive a notification from Transport for London advising them of quite a hefty penalty charge for not making the congestion charge payment.  By this point it is generally too late. Be careful that you don’t use any site other than the official Transport For London one.

If it is already too late for you and you have been caught out, please ensure you pass the companies details onto your local police station.