may bank holiday weekend

Choose adventure for your long weekend

The weather’s much milder, the days much longer and there’s a hint of the coming summer in the air. What better time to arrange for motorhome hire, escape your four walls and replace them with four wheels by setting off on a May Bank Holiday weekend adventure in a Priory Luxury Motorhome. With three whole days at your disposal, there’s no need to settle for the usual ‘day trips’ – setting off from home, visiting your destination, then returning home afterwards. In a motorhome, home is where you park it, so those more distant destinations become accessible and you’ll travel in style while en route.


Take your May bank holiday adventure across the channel

WIth three days at your disposal and Europe on your doorstep, why not take a ferry and take in the continent? If you’re planning on crossing the channel over the bank holiday weekend, just let us know and we’ll be happy to make the necessary arrangements so that you can do just that. With a comprehensive road network and the ubiquity of motorhome stopovers (known as Aires) you’re free to explore as much of Europe as you please in your luxury motorhome.


Take a ‘World Tour’ of Scotland

Arguably, early May is amongst the best time to visit Scotland. The worst of the winter is behind you, but the notorious Highland Midges have yet to make their presence felt. With vast wildernesses, rugged scenery and some of the most Scenic routes in the UK, spending a long weekend exploring Scotland is something everyone should do at least once. We’d suggest a loop entering Scotland via the M6, heading through Glasgow and going at least as far as Inverness before following the coastal Road, heading to Aberdeen and travelling back via Dundee, Edinbrough and finally heading towards Newcastle via the M1. If you’re really adventurous and conditions allow, John O’ Groats makes a for a great destination, if only to say that you’ve been.


Don’t forget Ireland is just a ferry away

With many places you can catch a ferry, an extended trip to The Emerald Isle might be just what you need to get away for a few days in peace and tranquillity. Steeped in history, surrounded by the greenest of green countryside and home to innumerable filming locations you’ll no doubt recognise from TV and Cinema, a trip to Ireland is sure to be as memorable as it is relaxing.


Make your Spring Bank Holiday a weekend to remember

Wherever you go and whatever you get up to this Spring bank holiday weekend, a luxury motorhome gives you the chance to blow out the cobwebs, unleash your inner adventurer and indulge your wanderlust for three days of exploration. Stop and stay almost wherever you please, travel to your heart’s content and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest as you soak up the road on your motorhome roadtrip.


The long weekend is likely to be a busy time, so don’t forget to book early to avoid disappointment. Get in touch with us today and secure your luxury motorhome.