Cooking while you camp – create, don’t compromise.

Each luxury motorhome from Priory has a well-equipped kitchen space and a range of utensils, however, if you’re used to an extensive kitchen at home, you’ll have to work more efficiently when it comes to meal preparation. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise though, just think a bit more creatively and you’ll be surprised what meals you can cook up on your campsite.


Simple meals are best

You might have a range cooker and a dizzying collection of pots and pans in your own kitchen, but in a motorhome, the selection is less extensive. It pays, therefore, to leave the extravagant culinary masterpieces for your own kitchen and instead, become a master of the one-pot meal. Better still, cook more than you need in order to deliberately leave yourself leftovers.


Consider the storage

You’ll only have access to a small fridge and limited pantry storage, so try to plan meals ahead and keep perishables to a minimum.


Will it linger?

Some foods, more than others leave a lingering smell long after they’ve been eaten. A motorhome is an open plan, but compact living space, so it’s probably best to avoid cooking meals with more ‘assertive aromas’.


Cook outdoors where you can

Barbecues are a staple of the summer, where supermarkets do a roaring trade in trays of cheap meat and meat products. Advice from countries where barbecues can be used all year round tells us that the best cuts of meat are the ones you should barbecue, as that’s the best possible way to cook them. If the weather’s dry and it’s permitted where you happen to be stopped, get your barbecue out wherever you can.


A slow cooker can be your best friend

Slow cookers are great for providing hearty, warming meals, they generally use very little power too. In the autumn and winter months, what could be more satisfying than returning to your motorhome after a long walk, or day out in the chilly air and immediately being able to tuck into a glorious succulent steaming casserole that’s been gently stewing all day?


Save energy

If you’re hooked up on a dedicated site with electricity and water then you can be a little more extravagant, but for the most part, the power, the water and the gas you have available will be what you bring with you courtesy of the battery, the water tank and the gas bottle. The more you use, the more chance you have of running out, so be efficient in your meal preparation and make these resources last as long as possible.


Experience the local cuisine

The whole motorhome experience is one of exploration. So we’d suggest that on your travels, you seek out local produce as much as you can. As easy as it is to go to the supermarket and buy the same things you always buy, why not challenge yourself to try something new?



Can you suggest any ideal motorhome meals? We’d love to hear your favourite recipes for the road!