Which facilities make campsites a joy during the winter months?


If you’re a hardcore motorhome addict, you’ll be braving the winter weather to indulge your urge to explore. The comforts of a luxury motorhome from Priory will doubtless be more than enough for you as you tour in style. However, an overnight stop off on a purpose built campsite with a range of facilities, makes a lot of sense, especially during the winter months.

For old hands and new explorers alike, we’ve compiled a list of some of the facilities we think would be most useful to you on your travels in the off-season.


A site that’s still open

It goes without saying that a closed campsite is of no use to you at all, but bear in mind that many or even most dedicated campsites close during the ‘off-season’. To avoid disappointment, plan ahead and make sure the site you’re intending to stay at overnight is still open.


A spot with hard standing

It can get a little damp in the winter months and what would be a pleasant field in the summer can be a boggy mire in the winter. Parking for the night with solid ground beneath your tyres will stop you worrying whether you’ll need help from a tractor to get you moving again in the morning.


Electricity hook-ups

Winter nights are colder and darker, so naturally, you might have the lights on longer and the heating on more often. It can come as a relief then, to be able to top up your motorhome leisure batteries without the engine having to run and not have to keep energy consumption at the back of your mind once you’re parked.


Freshwater and wastewater facilities

While your motorhome has an ample onboard reservoir for fresh water, this will need to be topped up from time to time. Campsites which allow you to restore your reserves are likely to be most welcome, as are facilities to dispose of the ‘not so fresh’ water.


Laundry facilities

You’re not going to spend all your time luxuriating in your motorhome and when you do set out to explore on foot, the winter weather might leave you a little muddy. Being able to freshen up your clothes away from home can be a boon when you’re carrying around a limited wardrobe.



You might have taken a road trip to disconnect for a few days, to escape the screens and to cut yourself off from the world for a while. But it can’t hurt to have a quick look. Can it?


Can you think of any other essential facilities we might have forgotten? What little conveniences do you always look for when you’re parking up at a campsite?