With motocross being, a forever growing sport and renting a motorhome for the events becoming ever more popular we thought we would fill you in on exactly what you’re missing out on.

Priory Rentals Motocross Motorhome Rental

Priory Motorhomes has expanded its motorhome selection to be able to include the Roller Team 690 motorhome. This motorhome is unlike other motorhomes however, this motorhome is specifically designed for you to be able to stow your bikes and attend motocross events around the UK.

The motorhome its self has a high weight allowance and storage stow away at the rear to be able to store the bike safely and away from the elements on your travels. This rear compartment can be accessed from outside the motorhome and within the motorhome meaning that any repairs or tweaks you have to do on the bike can be done from the warmth of the inside cabin through a hatch at the rear under the raised bed.

It can sleep up to six people comfortably within the three double beds provided and has a larger than average showering area to get cleaned up after the muddier events.

Zefiro 690 Floorplan CMYK

Although a motorhome may not be your first thought in the way of transport for the motocross events in the UK. It is certainly the most sensible in terms of cost effectiveness and easy transport. No other method of transport would be able to bring you to the motorhome cross events in such comfort with your bike stowed onboard.

When & Where Are the Major UK Motocross events?

If you are looking to compete in one of the motocross events or simply looking to hire a motorhome and head out to spectate then take a look at the dates and see which ones suit you best?

Pirelli British Masters Tracks and Dates

1Culham Park12th – 13th March
2Brook Thorpe14th – 15th May
3Landrake4th – 5th June
4Preston Docks25th – 26th June
5Pontrilas30th – 31st July
6Whitby6th – 7th August

Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship

1Lying20th March
2Canada Heights24th April
3Hawkstone Park22nd May
4Desertmartin12th June
5Leuchars3rd July
6Blaxhall Circuit17th July
7Preston Docks21st August
8Foxhill18th September

British Motocross Grand Prix

So far, for this event there has only been one weekend date released and this falls on father’s day weekend that falls on 18th – 19th June 2016.

If you’re looking to compete or simply spectator one of these events then why not take a look at our Motorhome Hire selection or simply view the RT690 to be able to bring your motocross bikes along for the journey.