Horse Racing

With horseracing becoming ever more popular and people flocking from all over the country to the races, getting a hotel close to your horse box and accomodation can be very difficult. This in turn means that taking a Priory Rentals Motorhome to the races is becoming more popular than ever, especially with our more luxurious options that offer large berths to sleep groups and all of the comforts of home such as an amply sized bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and comfortable beds.

Comfort and Relaxation

When it comes to taking a motorhome to the races there is the basic given that you are guaranteed to have a more comfortable and relaxing experience with all the home comforts if you need to make additional stops with your horse.

However taking a motorhome is made easy as the motorhome friendly campsites are in the country and near the racetrack have amenities for horses, stables and horse box. In turn meaning that traffic is not as big an issue, you can simply park on the campsite, pitch up, and take a short stroll to your horse when you are ready.


You can use one of our Drop it < Set it < it collect it schemes; you can have your motorhome delivered to any location or major event in the country for a small fee and in turn save the hassle of having to stop at one of our branches.

An example being in you lived in Birmingham and were heading to Houghton International horse Trails (Norfolk) you could simply drive straight to your event and we could meet you with your motorhome at your event locations and save you the journey to Cheshire to collect the motorhome. Alternatively, if you do not want to drive your car we could deliver the motorhome to your home address and you could drive the motorhome to the event.

However, remember for the most cost effective solution it is always cheaper to simply pop over to our Cheshire or Lancashire branch to be able to collect the motorhome personally.

A lot of motorhome campsites are perched a few minutes’ walk from the racetrack and if they are not then there are usually a few pop up campsites on fields or car parks that open specifically for race days. This in turn means that instead of getting a train to a city, a taxi to your hotel, checking in, getting ready, taxi to the races, a taxi to your hotel, check out in the morning, taxi to the train station, train home.

This all seems unnecessary when you could simply hire a motorhome, drive to the campsite and take a stole to the track when you are ready, before strolling back and driving home in the morning. It is a lot less hassle and a lot easier for yourself.

If you are interested in taking a motorhome to an equestrian event, then why not look at our motorhome selection to see what is available.