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When it comes to somebody’s big day, we know it can sometimes be difficult to make it. Having to book time off work, travel a fair distance and spend money on the travel and accommodation, ect can all stack the odds against you. It can even more difficult if you have a major part to play such as best man or brides maid so it’s important to be able to try and make the entire wedding event as stress free as possible.

The best way to do this is simply through hiring a motorhome; here are some reasons why;


The usual methods of getting to a wedding, which is happening far away, include having to arrange travel, hotels, having to go out for food and drink in the day & maybe even having to nip out to buy things that are not available in the hotel room.

With a motorhome, this is unnecessary, simply bring everything you will possibly need and put it in the motorhome because you will have more luggage space. Then drive to the wedding location and park up for a day or two before driving home. Everything is right there in one pace and you will have all the comforts of home to hand in the motorhome.


If you want to be able to relax after the big day, have a lie in or simply get back late on into the night, a motorhome could be for the best option. Hotels sometimes have restrictions where they lock the doors on certain nights and the majority of B&B’s impose this restriction so the owners can sleep. In addition, all hotels enforce a check out time and this can sometimes be a pain, especially after a late night.

Hiring a motorhome means you can return whatever time you like and leave whatever time you like on the majority of sites as they don’t need cleaning like hotel rooms. This gives you much more flexibility and time to be able to get an adequate amount of sleep before checking out.


The cost of travelling across the country to weddings can be very expensive, especially when it comes to getting trains as travelling even 100 miles, this can easy stack up to between 25-150 pounds. In addition, if you live in the northwest and are thinking of travelling to north Scotland or South England then you are looking at having to pay something in the region of 100-300 pounds. That added with the cost of food, drink and accommodation could quickly and unfortunately add up to a very high amount.

Taking a motorhome can cost you around 250 pounds for three days, but will give you travel, accommodation, more storage and even a place to cook food and save money on meals. A much more economical option.


When it comes to a motorhome over a hotel room, the differences are clear, a motorhome simply holds more to be offered to the user. Thinks such as a bathroom, sleeping accommodation and a TV are seen throughout most hotel rooms, however if you want all the facilities such as Air conditioning, Bluetooth stereo and a kitchen with fridge/freezer, the motorhome is always going to be the ruling choice.  It simply makes more sense to go with the motorhome alternative if you want to take luxury to the event.


When it comes to bringing things for the wedding such as your suit/dress, you are going to need enough room to ensure it is not creased when you arrive. Having to transport your outfit for miles in a suit bag or crushed into a case could result in creases, which are going to be a pain. The best result come from simply hiring a motorhome and using the hanging space it offers to be able to keep the outfit looking smart and pristine.

This luggage space also means you can bring other things such as your laptops, cameras, food, more clothing and anything else you could possibly want to bring, that may not fit in a case or in the car boot. The options are endless.

If this interests you then why not take a look at our motorhome range for your next wedding.