Are you in need of some Motorhome holiday ideas for a nice Easter weekend away ? Priory Rentals have put together some of our top ideas for you this Easter. Take a look at our suggestions below.

motorhome holiday ideas


Island Hopping

The Orkney Islands make an amazing location to go island hoping in a motorhome simply due to the level of accessibility on the islands. The simplicity of the road networks and the wide array of ferry crossings that are motorhome friendly mean that there is very few isolated places in the region. Why not look for yourself; you can access the region from Thurso in the northern most region of Scotland, which in turn makes the whole journey not only a visit to the amazing islands but a highland road trip as well.

Follow The Sun

Summer is almost upon us and usually, around Easter time, the weather does start to get slightly warmer. With Easter weekend in April this year check out some of Britain’s best beaches is always a fun activity so why not try and make the most of it. Places such as Jersey, Guernsey and Cornwall are great locations for people who love the sun. If these places aren’t warm enough for you then why not cross the English Channel and take a motorhome road trip through Southern Europe for a few days?

Sports Enthusiasts

If you are into your sports then the Lake District could hold the key to an amazing holiday. Everything from boating, fishing, trekking and mountain biking are all very dominant sports in the lake district and no matter what your sport, at some point in the year it will more than likely be available in the lake district. There is a wide array of camping sites for motorhomes in the district and this makes it an amazing location for the sportsman or family holiday alike.

City Breaks

If you love enjoy touring cities across the UK then hiring a motorhome and heading out to a city of your choice could be a great idea for Easter. There are many cities in the UK that will offer motorhome campsites just out of the city centres. Even if you cannot get one in the city centre, you can always head out to the countryside areas around the greater city limits and simply make day trips on trains and bus’. This avoids traffic and gives you city days and relaxed country night under the stars as they famously say.


If you like to think of yourself as a humble explorer then there are a lot of historic attractions that the UK has to offer. There there are a small few that really are truly amazing and make our top six list for Britain’s attractions. They are as follows; Stonehenge, Seven Sisters, Giant’s Causeway, Hadrian’s Wall, the Eden Project & Cheddar Gorge. Heading to any or all of these attractions on your motorhome holiday should clear up some room on your bucket list. The Stonehenge and Eden project are must-sees so you should take special care to try and visit these on your next motorhome getaway simply for their amazement factor. Most of these heritage locations you can bring your pets to so be sure to take a look at our pet friendly motorhomes so you can bring along all the family.

Why not take a look at our full motorhome rental range and if you have anymore motorhome holiday ideas then why not leave them in the comments?