easter in the UK forests Motorhome Holiday this Easter

The Easter break is fast approaching, Spring is coming and it is the perfect time for a UK break in a motorhome.

This Easter why not spend quality with your family and have a short break in one of our many motorhomes in locations throughout the UK. There are many different activities throughout the country from Easter hunts to concerts.

Motorhome Holidays in the UK

Forest Easter Egg Hunts

The Forest commission every year holds Easter hunts in all of its major forests throughout the UK meaning you can simply pop along with the little ones and get involved. This is perfect for a motorhome as some of the rural areas can be a pain to get home from or to find accommodation nearby. Plus, the forests in the UK have more of a Easter like feel to them, making it even more ideal for the family to visit.

Motorhome break in Wales

The Easter attractions in Wales vary substantially, heavily depending where about in Wales you visit. A perfect example would be in the south of Wales in Llanelli, the town celebrates by having flamingos and chocolate for the young in their local wildlife centre. The area is also very coastal so in April with the summer not far away it’s a perfect mix of not to warm or not to cold to be able to enjoy the view of the harbour. The coast line is also filled up with camp sites perfect for motorhomes who want to be able to enjoy the magnificent views. Then in the north, they make it the start of surfing season and his the ocean hard, with a array of long and short boards visible up the coastline. This has been a common tradition in the north for a while now making it ideal for young adults or a family who has a teen interested in the water sports. (It will also keep them off their phone out at sea too.)

Easter in Scotland

The Scottish Easter is less chocolate (although it’s still there) more arts and crafts. The Sunday its self will consist of pancakes and arts and crafts in Braemar castle near Aberdeen. The castle its self is one of Scotland’s most prestigious and most visited castle. If that’s too far for you, there is always the Wauchope forest tour consisting of not only a egg hunt, also some sporting activities and local village events. If chocolate is still your thing, there are lots of Cadburys Easter egg trails throughout Scotland offering Easter egg hunts and give always to the young ones.

Camping in England this Spring

The warm spa town of bath holds special offers for anyone who goes in Easter, with all the local roman heritage just outside the city. You could rent a motorhome and stay on one of the many surrounding campsites, before taking trips to museums or into the extensive array of ruins. The Eden project also hosts its self a few events, so why not drive down to Cornwall and stay locally in the Eden Projects rain forest. The forest has everything from rare wild life to rare plant species and its very own rainforest all under the roof of the gigantic dome.
The UK is packed with things to do from the most rural to very busy highly populated areas. Perfect for getting the kids out doors as the weather brightens up and making the most of the long weekend by setting off Friday and coming home Monday. Even if it’s more just going out hiking or fishing, it’s still family time that is ideal for motorhomes.