Priory Rentals know that if you want to head out on a motorhome retreat, you are probably going to want to take your pets along with you. Luckily our pet friendly motorhomes allow you to take your pets with you on your motorhome holiday but we have also put together some tips that will help make your trip more comfortable and simpler.

pet friendly motorhomes

Pack Supplies

When it comes to bringing your dogs on a motorhome holiday with you it is usually best to be able to bring as many supplies with you as possible. Things such as poo bags, dog food and dog treats may not be available on the site you stay on and they always seem to be needed most when they are nowhere to be found. Just remember to try to bring twice as many treats as you will need and three times as many poo bags as you think you will need. This is so that you can be completely sure you will not run out during your motorhome getaway.

Bring Spares

When you are on the road with your dog, you might have an accident and break a collar or snap its lead and in turn, it could be hard to procure a new one without having to go out of your way. Always just, bring a spare collar or leash on your trip and if your dog has a dog coat bring a spare one of those too. It may seem a little excessive but if you ever lose, the leash or collar when you get home you will be fine, as you will still have your spare from your motorhome get away.

Plan Ahead

Bringing your fury friends with you is all well and good if you can find the right campsites to be able to accommodate them, but unfortunately not all campsites will and in turn it can sometimes cost your booking deposit if you turn up with pets before being sent elsewhere. Although wide ranges of motorhome sites do except pets, it is always worth just checking before hand to be able to ensure you are 100% confident they will be okay onsite.


Taking your pet in a motorhome can be simple if you have a large number of things at home to be able to take with you, things such as leads, collars and a dog bed are simple and can just be packed and brought along. However, things such as a none slip dog bowl for when you are in transit and a longer than normal lead to be able to give it more freedom when pitched. This means it will be able to have manoeuvring room on the site and can sniff around whilst at the same time not get too far and run a mock. Its small things like this that can make everything that little bit simpler.

Careful Nature

Your pets safety should be a priority on a motorhome get away, especially in the summer months. Therefore, it is always best to keep vigilant and ensure nothing happens to your four-legged friend. Make sure your dog always has enough water, be careful not to ever leave it in the motorhome locked in the summer due to overheating, ensure that they do not run away if you are having them outside with you. Its small things like this that goes a long way into ensuring your dog does not come into any harm.

If you are looking to take your pet on a motorhome, get away this year then why not look at our extensive range of rental motorhomes? They are available for delivery directly to you throughout the UK.