The standard family motor home holiday is becoming more and more common in the UK with the families wanting to get the most from the amazing British country side. Here are our must packs when it comes to things you should be taking on your motorhome trip.


motorhome family holiday mountain biking

Firstly you will always need some form of mountain bike if you want to get around the local area easily. This will help you be able to get up and down the rigid environment whilst still being able to maintain the freedom of going off road. When you are travelling around Wales and Scotland you will come across many bike tracks that will test you to your limits along with some more calm scenic routes to relax and enjoy the views. The perfect motor home for this would be the Roller Team 690 G Zefiro as its spacious storage unit to the read can fit a number of bikes for a day trip family ride.

Portable BBQ

Family BBQ

These are obviously not for indoor use. When it comes to taking the most from the sunshine you should be able to get outside and relax in the sun with the family sat around cooking things for the family and enjoying the outdoors. The portable BBQ makes family meals outside perfect as you can really get close to the family without phones and other distractions and rely completely on social skills and conversation.

Newer Smart Phones

Newer Smart Phones

We all know that when you go on a motorhome holiday that there will be views and moments that you will just need to share with everybody. With social media being what it is in this day and age its best to be able to keep up to date on technology and be able to upload status updates, tweets and pictures to your friends about how amazing the holiday is. Plus if you can’t sleep in the night then you can always see what is good in the area for your next expedition in to the wilds of the UK. It is also good for keeping the kids quiet in the night when you’re trying to sleep as they can simply settle down with a movie or something in bed.

Inflatable dinghy


The inflatable dinghy is an amazing invention that will let you tackle all sorts of problems. You can use it for a splash with the family or to sit in on the coast to be able to chill out in the sun or even to put on the camping lake and relax on the water with. The inflatable dinghy is available from anything between £20 to £300 in a large amount of camping and department stores. If you’re not travelling with the family then you can always use it to be able to go fishing in lakes away from all the other fishermen that have taken all the good spots around the edges.



Finally there is the camera. This is essential for any sort of family holiday to be able to keep those family memories safe. The camera is something you can get in all shapes and sizes to be able to take it everywhere you go to capture every last moment. You can get a camera from anything between £20 to £5000 pounds but for a good standard family camera you’re looking at around £40. If you’re looking to really get into the wilderness then the VW California will be for you. It’s smaller size and better versatility means you can right into the Scottish highlands before setting up camp and exploring the wilderness.

All in all we believe that these items are perfect for the family holiday and are well worth even looking into when you’re on your next journey.