New forest water park


If you’ve ever watched ‘Total Wipeout’, ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ or ‘The Krypton Factor’ and fancied giving it a try for yourself, then you’re in luck. On the West edge of the New Forest National Park, you’ll find The New Forest Water Park, which is probably the closest you’ll get to Total Wipeout without having to hire Richard Hammond to commentate.

The Newforest Waterpark comprises of three main activities; cable wakeboarding, kayaking and the Aqua Park. There’s also a basic campsite which is made available for motorhome users who are members of the Camping and Caravanning Club – automatically included in every Priory motorhome hire.

For a fun-filled activity weekend for families with older children and teenagers, this is a perfect activity break to get the adrenaline pumping and enjoy some energetic family time. Naturally, it’s only suitable for those who can swim and don’t mind getting wet!

With this being the case, make sure you take plenty of suitable swimwear, towels and if you have them, wetsuits won’t go amiss. These can be hired if not, but aren’t compulsory.


Kayaks and Paddleboards

One of the lakes which make up the water park is dedicated to kayaks and stand up paddleboards. You can hire the kayaks/boards they have on site or bring your own (subject to conditions) and enjoy a relaxing paddle around on the water’s surface.


Cable Wakeboarding

Like regular wakeboarding but without the boat. Stand or kneel on a wakeboard and prepare for a cable mounted tow line to pull you across the lake. Instruction and equipment hire is available and for the more skilled wakeboarders, there are a collection of ramps to practice your tricking skills. The Wakeboarding has been closed for the Winter and reopens from the 30th of March.


Aqua Park

The closest thing to Total Wipeout without appearing on TV, the Aqua Park is a series of floating rafts of inflatables to climb, fall off, bounce on, swing from and race through. They say ‘Getting wet is compulsory’. Rates are advertised at ‘per hour’ rates, with advice that longer can be booked, but that an hour is probably more than enough for most people, even the physically fit. Like the wakeboarding, the Aqua park has been closed for winter but reopens for bookings on the 4th of May, so get your bookings in early!


Camping at the New Forest Water Park

With the New Forest Water Park being quite a drive, you’ll definitely want to stay for a night or two in order to take full advantage of everything the park has to offer. The water park has basic camping facilities, which are available to be booked by members of the Camping and Caravanning club, something that’s included in all motorhome hire packages from Priory.

Sleeping in a quiet campsite, in the luxury accommodation offered by your Priory motorhome, with a lake on your doorstep, a crackling campfire and a forest at your back, we challenge you to think of a more idyllic and relaxing setting for an evening with your family after a day on the water which ha been as exciting as it’s been exhausting.


To make some memories with your older children and take them on an activity-rich adventure break they’ll never forget, get in touch with us to book your luxury motorhome. Travel down to The New Forest in style.