Roller team auto-roller 747 luxury motorhome

At Priory Rentals we have added loads of new Motorhomes to our fleet, many available already but more to be booked for next years biggest events and holidays.

Book Motorhomes for 2016

The next year brings a wide array of new motorhomes to our selection, this means you have even more to choose from in the up and coming year and Priory Rentals can offer you even more motorhomes to be able to suit your needs.

Some of the motorhomes that we are bringing to you next year!

New Roller Teams

One of the most popular motorhomes in the Priory Rentals fleet is the Roller Team so we have taken on your feedback and have more Roller Team Motorhomes available for 2016.

The new Roller Team 696 Zefiro is immaculately presented for a family getaway in the UK or Europe, with a luxurious seating area and all the mod cons you expect from a luxury motorhome.

We are also adding the Roller Team 747 Low Line to our range and very soon you can book this elegant and spacious 6 berth motorhome.

New T Line Motorhomes

The T-Line 785 Luxury 5 Berth, this motorhome is a compact design for an easier drive and feel. Whilst still having enough space to be comfortable and fit all of the essentials such as a microwave, utensils and even a television with free view. There is also ample storage room due to the wardrobes and storage under the stairs and beds.

We also have the T Line 740 Luxury 5 Berth coming soon with maximum comfort for 5 adults, so perfect for a family trip or even a stag or hen trip. It has a completely new layout and all the comforts of home such as air conditioning and Bluetooth.


New Tribute Motorhomes

The Tribute range is a high spec luxury motorhome that boasts different seating areas within the 6-berth comfort of this extravagant motorhome. It has luxuries within such as a rear view camera and comfort fitting within the driving area; this includes high quality sound system, cup holders, USB ports for recharging phones and a phone docking station with Bluetooth connections as well.

We have 4 new Tribute models available for 2016, the Tribute 625, Tribute 669, the Tribute 720 and the Tribute 736

If you still have not found what you are looking for then have a look at our entire motorhome range to be able to find something for you.

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