New Year, New Adventures in a Motorhome - Travel More in 2019

Travel More in 2019 – New Year, New Adventures

2019 is here and with it a whole New Year full of opportunities for adventure and discovery. Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? If not, why not make the commitment to travel more in 2019, get out to see the world in a different way and see life afresh each time you get the opportunity. Simply arrange for motorhome hire and follow the road to the destination of your dreams.

Part of the joy of motorhome travel is the chance to experience your adventure in a way that’s entirely your own. You can set off with a destination in mind, or set off with no plan at all other than to follow the road to somewhere interesting. Either option, or anywhere in between will yield surprises and experiences you wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy any other way.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your New Year Adventures, check out some of the following holiday ideas to help you travel more in 2019.


Visit Perpignan in The South of France

When you arrange motorhome hire from Priory Rentals, you’re welcome to arrange to travel beyond the UK and into Europe. With France being our closest continental neighbour, it’s an easy ferry ride to Calais and gloriously efficient French road network beyond.

A tour of France is a wonderful motorhome travel experience by itself, but if you’re looking for a particular destination, then you can’t go wrong with a trip to Perpignan in the South of France.

A town close to the French and Spanish border, with a rich and varied history, but often overlooked by mainstream tourism, Perpignan has a little to suit everyone in a balmy climate that’s warm from February onwards, with easy access to glorious sandy Mediterranean beaches.


See More of Ireland in 2019

The Emerald Isle is another wonderful destination which is only a short ferry ride away. While many of us will have taken a trip to Dublin at some point, the rest of Ireland is equally worthy of your attention and taking a motorhome tour of the country is an excellent way to make sure you travel more in 2019.

The Sky road in Connemara is a joy to travel along whether by car, by motorhome or by bicycle and tide permitting, you can make the crossing to Omey island which is well worth visiting. For a more erudite experience, take along your favourite W.B. Yeats poetry and spend your evenings reading, while your day can be spent travelling to and visiting the locations which inspired much of this great poets work.


Enjoy England More in 2019

Many of us will have fond memories of taking school trips to various enjoyable and educational locations within easy reach of wherever we went to school. It’s a fair bet that most these places will still be there, why not indulge in a little nostalgia and revisit some of the places where your cherished childhood memories were made. If you have a family of your own, you can also enjoy introducing your children to  a little bit of what you did when you where their age.

With more places to see and to visit than most people would have time to see in a lifetime, from country parks, stately homes, theme parks, heritage spots, leafy forests and glorious scenery, to name but a few of the wonderful destinations which are available right on your doorstep, or further afield if you have a luxury motorhome at your disposal. You don’t need to go abroad to travel more in 2019.


Motorhome Travel – Where will New Year, New Adventures take you in 2019?

When you hire a motorhome, you have at your disposal a ticket to any destination you see fit. You have the means to get there and the means to stay for as long as you like, while also being able to enjoy the journey more. Whether these hints have inspired you, or you choose a destination of your own, the way you get to where you’re going can be as enjoyable as the arrival. So don’t just resolve to travel more in 2019, make your New year New adventures an incredible experience from the moment you set off and rent a motorhome to get the best out of this New year of opportunities.