Save time, money and stress – Greet the New Year with a grin.

Quite often, the biggest party night of the year is also the last night of the year. New Year’s Eve sees people of all ages come together to see out the last hours of the outgoing year and countdown the seconds to the new one in unison.

While many people will celebrate the New Year in their homes, or in their local communities, many others are drawn to city centres to be part of larger organised events in order to join the atmosphere of thousands of likeminded revellers all gathering to experience the chime of midnight as one.

With so many people gathering to party, some very far from home, many will have arranged to stay overnight in a hotel, however, with so much demand and limited supply, most will expect to pay a hefty premium for their New Year accommodation.


What’s the alternative?

With all the best value hotels likely to have been snapped up, the only available bookings will probably be the places no-one wants to stay in. They’ll either be suitable but far too expensive, too far away from the city to be viable, or too ‘icky’ for people to want to say there.

With a Luxury motorhome from Priory however, you can have the best of all worlds. Incorporating travel to your New Year event and luxury accommodation once there, why wouldn’t you?

Considering that a motorhome is often far cheaper and far better than the traditional alternatives, plus you’ll have the ability to make your own bacon sandwiches just the way you like them the next morning, there isn’t a downside!


Start the New Year in Style

If you have a luxury motorhome at your disposal, there’s no need to rush home afterwards. Linger in the city if you feel like it, take a walk, see the sights and take the scenic route home. The roads will be quiet and you’ll have the countryside practically to yourself. It’s amazing how a day or two of living at your own pace can help you start the New Year refreshed and renewed.


Book your motorhome today

We’re still open for bookings, but we do have a little break for Christmas, so call us now to avoid disappointment. If you’ve never experienced the freedom and comfort of a luxury motorhome, New Year is the perfect excuse to make a fresh start trying something new.