New Year's Eve With No Room at the Inn? No Problem

Celebrate The New Year and Stay In Style

No matter what the year, New Year’s Eve is always a time for celebration and optimism. Where we look back at the outgoing year, hopefully with fondness, on the good times from your most recent motorhome hire and at the same time, look forward to the promise of the year ahead of us with hope. It’s always an excuse for a good party and there are some New year events that are always worth seeking out. So where should you consider spending New Year’s Eve 2018?


The Allendale Tar Barrell

Held in the Northumberland town of Allendale, the Tar Barrel (where no-one can agree on the spelling of ‘barrel’) is a festival of fire which is at least 160 years old, although some believe it has origins in the middle ages. The festival takes place late at night on the 31st of December and involves ‘Guisers’ 45 exclusively local people dressing in elaborate outfits, faces covered in soot, carrying ignited barrels of hot tar on their heads as they make a procession through the town and at the end throw heir barrels on a bonfire int he centre of the Town in order to ignite it.


The Auld Lang Syne Fell Race

For the more athletically inclined, The Auld Lang Syne Fell Race is a foot race nearly 7 miles long held on the 31st of December every year in West Yorkshire. The race across wintry Bronte country isn’t for the feint of heart and while there are serious runners who can complete the race in under 40 minutes, there are also those who race in fancy dress as well as they run across the moors from Penistone and bank on New Year’s Eve. While it might be too late to enter, it’s certainly worth going along to cheer on the spectacle.


Fireworks on the beach in St Ives

Already a beautiful Cornish coastal destination, St Ives can be relied upon to come alive on New Year’s Eve. From 6 in the evening on the 31st of December, the roads are closed off to traffic and fill instead with partygoers there to welcome the New year in distinctly Cornish style. With all the pubs and bars open, parties taking place throughout the town and a coastal walk lit up by fireworks, St Ives is a fabulous place to welcome the New Year.


Hogmanay In Edinburgh

No list of New Year destinations is complete without mentioning Hogmanay in Scotland and arguably the best place to celebrate Hogmanay is he Scottish Capital Edinburgh. It’s cold, often wet, sometimes snowy, but always spectacular. The whole city comes alive from New year’s Eve for three days of festivals, music, arts, entertainment and a fireworks display to rival any other. Dare you follow the torch procession and take part in the ‘Loony Dook’? Bring your warm clothes and a towel!


Too Late to Book New Year’s Eve Accommodation? Think Motorhome Hire!

Many of the best New Year’s Eve events are already filling up fast as are the places to stay nearby. If you’ve set your heart on a New Year’s Eve party to remember but are face with the prospect of booking the kind of room no-one else wants, a hotel that’s far too expensive, or staying miles away and paying a fortune for a taxi, we have another option for you.

Why not book a luxury motorhome for your New Year’s Eve 2018 excursion? Naturally, it’ll get you to wherever you’re choosing to celebrate the new year, finding a campsite is likely to be far easier and more convenient than finding a decent hotel room, not to mention cheaper and with our off-season prices being so low, you can afford to stay an extra night or two in order to ‘recover’ from welcoming 2019 in style.